Wholesalers of Strimmer Line and Accessories

We stock a range from Oregon which includes their Nylium Roundline yellow Trimmer line and Nylium Starline Trimmer line.

We also stock a selection of lightening load Trimmer heads and Brush Cutter Jet Fit HD heads.

We also stock Starter Cord

Nylium Starline 2.4mm x 90 Mtrs

Ref: 104883E

Nylium Starline 3.0mm x 60 Mtrs

Ref: 104884E

Nylium Starline 2.4mm x 15 Mtrs

Ref: 110985E

Nylium Starline 3.0mm x 15 Mtrs

Ref: 110986E

Nylium Starline 2.7mm x 70 Mtrs

Ref: 110987E

2 Line Alum. Jet Fit Head

Ref: 111110

4 Line Alum Jet Fit Head

Ref: 111111

Precut Flexiblade 3.00mm x 26cm

Ref: 111114E

Precut Flexiblade 3.50mm x 26cm

Ref: 111115E

Precut Flexiblade 4.00mm x 26cm

Ref: 111116E

Precut Square Nylium 2.55mm (100)

Ref: 295371E

Nylium Starline 2.7mm x 15mtrs

Ref: 559054

Nylon Heads c/w 130mm Adaptor

Ref: 559059

Nylon Heads c/w 109mm Adaptor

Ref: 559060

DISCONTINUED Yellow Roundline 1.3mm x 15 Mtrs

Ref: 90150E

Yellow Roundline 1.7mm x 15 Mtrs

Ref: 90151E

Yellow Roundline 2.0mm x 15 Mtrs

Ref: 90152E

Yellow Roundline 2.4mm x 15 Mtrs

Ref: 90153E

Yellow Roundline 2.0mm x 127 Mtrs

Ref: 90155E

Yellow Roundline 2.4mm x 88 Mtrs

Ref: 90156E

Yellow Roundline 3.0mm x 56 Mtrs

Ref: 90371E

Yellow Roundline 3.0mm x 15 Mtrs

Ref: 90425E

DISCONTINUED Littl' Juey Straight Shaft Strimmer Head (LJSS)

Ref: LJ10

(Check Product)Littl' Juey Curved Shaft Strimmer Head (LJBS)

Ref: LJ11

Littl' Juey Professional Aluminium Strimmer Head (LJAS)

Ref: LJ12

Littl' Juey Combat Reload 2.4mm Head (LJRS-C)

Ref: LJ14

3mm Dia x 50 Mtr Reel of Starter Cord

Ref: STC3

3.5mm Dia x 50 Mtr Reel of Starter Cord

Ref: STC4

4mm Dia x 50 Mtr Reel of Starter Cord

Ref: STC5

5mm Dia x 50 Mtr Reel of Starter Cord

Ref: STC6