Fencing Supplies


Post Drivers and Rammers

We stock a variety of Fibreglass Handled Fencing Mells/Mauls, these are very useful when it comes to installing fencing posts or stakes. From Visa Tools we stock 7lb, 14lb, 16lb and 18lb Mells and from Bulldog we stock a 14lb Cast Iron Mauls.

Our range also now includes Tarka brand Cast Iron Mauls which have a 36" fibreglass handle and are available in 10lb and 12lb.

We also supply Alloy Mauls which are available in 5kg or 6kg and come with wooden handles.

An alternative to Fencing Mauls are the two handled Post Drivers, these are available in 5" and 6" diameters and are a good tool for fencing stake installment.

We stock Round and Square Base Tarka brand Rammers, these can be used for compacting and filling Post Holes, they both weigh 10lb and come with a 54" Tubular Shaft.

12lb Fencing Maul F/Glass Handle

Ref: BDG92

Bulldog 14lb F/Glass Fencing Maul 33" Handle

Ref: BDG91

Post Driver 6"

Ref: FA2

5" Post Driver

Ref: FA2A

Alloy Maul c/w Handle

Ref: FA3

Alloy Maul Hick Pick Handle 6kg Head/6" Diameter

Ref: FA3P

Rubber Maul C/W Handle

Ref: FA5

Rammer, 10lb Round Base, 54" Tubular Shaft

Ref: FA8

Rammer,10lb Square Base Tub Handle

Ref: FA9

12LB Stob Mell Wooden Handle

Ref: FA4


Strainers and Clamps

Our Wire Straining range includes products from Drivall and from Donald. We stock a Drivall Bar Strainer for straining single-strand fencing wire against posts and we also stock the GD9 Automatic Chain Grab Wire Strainer (FA26) which can also be used on High-Tensile Wire and Barbed Wire.

Boundary Clamps and Strainers are also available amongst our Drivall range and are very useful when you are installing Stock, Deer or Horse fencing.

The Donald Range of Wire Strainers include the Bobbejaan Chain Wire Strainer which can be used to stretch upto to 6 gauge Wire, the Autochain Strainer which is a lighter duty version of the Bobbejaan Strainer and the Multigrip Strainer which is an easy to use Chain Grip Wire Strainer.

As well as Single Wire Strainers, we also keep the Deluxe Donald Fencing Clamp and Wizard Wire Strainer to aid with the stock fencing straining process.

Drivall Bar Strainer (GD18)

Ref: FA25

Drivall Wire Strainer GD9

Ref: FA26

Drivall Boundary Strainer GD10

Ref: FA27

Drivall Bound.Clamps std GD12A

Ref: FA29

Donalds 1200mm De-luxe Clamp Bar

Ref: FA45

DUE EARLY AUGUST Donalds Bobbejaan Wire Strainer

Ref: FA47

DUE EARLY AUGUST Donalds Wizard Wire Strainer

Ref: FA49


Diggers and Borers

For whatever size post hole your trying to make we have got just the tools.

We keep in stock both the Monkey Type Post Hole Borers from Drivall (4", 6", 9" and 12") and the galvanised Earth Augers c/w Handle. We also stock Long Handled Post Hole Diggers from True Temper, Drivall and Jackson.

Post Hole Digger

Ref: FA24

Post Hole Digger Long Wd Handle

Ref: FA7

F/Glass Post Hole Digger Jackson



Pliers, Cutters and Wire Twisters

We always keep plenty of Fencing Pliers in stock, and they are of good quality.

We keep the Orbis (Manufactured in Germany) and the Hilka Fencing Pliers which are blister packed. These are both very useful whilst fencing and can help Cut, Crimp and Hold Wire as well as aid in the removal of Staples.

Also available are Wire Twisters which can help assist the user in the bending and knotting of fencing wire without damaging the wire's coating.

Our range also includes Fencing Pins which are a quick way of erecting a temporary fence.

Orbis Fencing Plier 265mm

Ref: 50260

Univ Fencing Pliers

Ref: FA1

Fencing Pin, 54" x 11-12mm, Dia PK10 ONLY

Ref: HT78

Drivall Wire Twister

Ref: FA34


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