Wholesalers of Gloves General Purpose

We stock a variety of different gloves.

We keep Standard Quality, Superior Quality and Double Palm Rigger gloves in stock, as well as Yellow Criss-Cross Gloves. Our range also includes Drain Cleaning Gauntlets that come with a 25" Overall Sleeve, Yellow Hide Drivers Gloves, Titan Tuff Gloves that come with either a Safety cuff or a Knitted Wrist and Welders Gauntlets that come in either Green or Red.

Also available are Red PVC Gauntlets that come as either 27cm long or 35cm long.

Our range also includes Powergrab Thermo Gloves from Towa (S,M,L,XL) which are suitable for work in Cold Weather.

Red PVC Gauntlet with sleeve 25" overal

Ref: PC70

Red K/wrist Size 9 pk 12

Ref: PC30

Rigger Gloves Super Yellow/Green pk 10

Ref: PC12

Yellow Criss Cross Gloves pk 12

Ref: PC35

Drivers Standard Lined Leather Glove Size 10

Ref: PC36

Red K/Wrist Size 10 pk 12

Ref: PC31

Ice Therm Glove Large (9)

Ref: PC156

Ice Therm Glove Black Medium (8)

Ref: PC155

Titan Gloves pk 12

Ref: PC38

Welders Gauntlet Super Red

Ref: PC37R

Red PVC Gloves 11" Overall pk 12

Ref: PC33

Red PVC Gaunt Size 10 pk 12

Ref: PC32

Rigger Gloves Std Qual pk 10

Ref: PC10

Ice Therm Glove Black X Large (10)

Ref: PC157

Rigger Glove Superior Qual pk10

Ref: PC11

DISPLAY PK Powergrab Towa Thermo Gloves MEDIUM ORANGE

Ref: PC171

OFFER PC15 P/Grab Thermo Gloves LARGE ORANGE Towa

Ref: PC172


Ref: PC173

Original Work Winter Glove Med (CW200)

Ref: PC22

Original Work Winter Glove Large (CW200)

Ref: PC23

Chain Classic Glove Medium (CW400)

Ref: PC24

Chain Classic Glove Large (CW400)

Ref: PC25

Chain Classic Glove Ex Large

Ref: PC25EX

Strimmer & Trimmer Glove Medium (CW700)

Ref: PC26

Strimmer & Trimmer Glove Large (CW700)

Ref: PC27

Striimer & Trimmer Glove Ex Large

Ref: PC28

Warrior Thermal Grip Glove Size 9

Ref: TG9

Warrior Thermal Grip Glove Size 8

Ref: TG8

Warrior Thermal Grip Glove Size 10

Ref: TG10

Warrior Supa Grip Size 9

Ref: SG9

Warrior Supa Grip Glove Size 11

Ref: SG11

Warrior Supa Grip Glove Size 10

Ref: SG10