Wholesalers of Wipes and Hand Cleaner

We keep a good selection of Hand Cleaning Products in stock.

Our range includes Loctite Hand Cleaner which is available 3ltr Containers

We keep a variety of different Hand Wipes in stock as well. We keep the 2410 Multi Purpose Big Wipes, the 2420 Heavy Duty Big Wipes and the 2440 Multi Surface Big Wipes as well as a Large Bucket of the Heavy Duty Big Wipes.

O'Keeffes Working Hands Barrier Cream is also available.

O"Keeffe"s Working Hands Cream 96g

Ref: 7044

O"Keeffe"s Working Hands Cream pack of 6

Ref: 7044-0

Big Wipes Multi Purpose Wipes pack of 80

Ref: 2410

Big Wipes HD "Red Top" Pack of 80

Ref: 2420

Big Wipes Bucket Pack of 240

Ref: 2427

O"Keefes Healthy Feet Foot Cream 91g

Ref: 7046

O"Keeffe"s Working Hands 85gm Tube

Ref: 7043

O"Keefe"s Lip Repair Unscented Pack 6

Ref: 7544

O"Keeffe"s Working Hands 85gm Tube PK5

Ref: 7043-0

O"Keeffe"s Healthy Feet 85g SINGLE

Ref: 8144

O"Keeffe"s Healthy Feet 85g Pack 5

Ref: 8144-0

O"Keeffe"s Skin Repair 190ml SINGLE

Ref: 8544

O"Keeffe"s Skin Repair 190ml Pack 6

Ref: 8544-0

3 Litre Loctite Citrus Hand Cleaner PACK OF 4 ONLY

Ref: LOC251

O"Keeffe"s Skin Repair 325ml SINGLE

Ref: 8545

O"Keeffe"s Skin Repair 325ml Pump Pack of 8

Ref: 8545-0

Big Wipes Multi-Surface Pro & Bio Green Top Pk 80

Ref: 2440