Wholesalers of Wheelbarrows

We offer a wide range of wheelbarrows. 

The Fort Barrow range includes the Site Shifter, TK100 Rancher, Cosmo Chianti, AB85 Weekender and a 90ltr Wheelbarrow with a pink or lavender tray.

We stock the Great Dane barrows, these are available galvanised pans and yellow frame. Our range also includes the feed barrow and the Great Dane Twin wheelbarrow and Single wheelbarrow, both of these have a red painted pan and yellow frame.

We hold good stocks on the Stable Mate and Big Blue, both of these are twin wheeled barrows.

Spares for the Wheelbarrows are available.

Ref: TK100W

Landsman Wheelbarrow 130L

Ref: WB130

Great Dane 175L Red Painted Pan

Ref: WB182

140 Litre Wheel Barrow Galv Pan, Yellow Frame

Ref: WB185

Twin Wheel Barrow Red Painted Pan

Ref: WB193

TK100 Wheelbarrow

Ref: WB20

Cosmo Chianti Wheelbarrow (HB90)

Ref: WB22

AB85 Galv Wheelbarrow Weekender

Ref: WB23G

120ltr Plated Barrow

Ref: WB250

Tubes only for Barrow Tyres 4.00/4.80-8

Ref: WB26

FORT Pink Barrow Painted Frame

Ref: WB31

FORT Lavender Barrow Green painted Frame

Ref: WB33

Ref: WB33W

Duo Twin Wheel Kit GREY

Ref: WB41

"Site Blazer 500" Barrow Yellow Tray

Ref: WB500

Belle Warrior Barrow

Ref: WB510


Ref: WB532

Workhorse Barrow c/w Flat Proof Wheels

Ref: WB532WBW

Feed Barrow FW200-4

Ref: WB54

100 ltr Wheelbarrow Yellow HD Tray

Ref: WB540

DEL DUE JULY Stable Mate Wheelbarrow Plated Steel Frame

Ref: WB60

DUE MAY 2021 Stable Mate Barrow c/w Flatproof Wheel

Ref: WB60WBW

90 Litre Wheelbarrow Burgundy Tray

Ref: WB70

90ltr Burgundy Barrow c/w Flat Proof Wheel

Ref: WB70WBW

100 Litre Wheelbarrow Green Tray

Ref: WB71

100ltr Green Barrow c/w Flat Proof Wheel

Ref: WB71WBW

MID MAY DEL280 Litre "Big Blue" Twin Wheelbarrow

Ref: WB72

MAY DEL FLAT PACKED 280 ltr "Big Blue" Wheelbarrow

Ref: WB72FP

Due MID MAY 2021 Big Blue Barrow c/w Flatproof Wheel

Ref: WB72WBW

DUE JUNE 90 Litre Wheelbarrow PINK Tray

Ref: WB73

90ltr Pink Barrow c/w Flat Proof Wheel

Ref: WB73WBW

90 Litre Wheelbarrow BLUE Tray

Ref: WB74

90ltr Blue Barrow c/w Flat Proof Wheel

Ref: WB74WBW

90 Litre Wheelbarrow GREEN Tray

Ref: WB77

90ltr Green Barrow c/w Flat Proof Wheel

Ref: WB77WBW

100 ltr Wheelbarrow Blue Tray

Ref: WB78

100ltr Blue Barrow c/w Flat Proof Wheel

Ref: WB78WBW

"Flatproof" Wheel Unit

Ref: WBW