Wholesalers of Vermin and Pest Control

We stock a vast range of Vermin and Pest Control Products,brand names such as Rentokil, Sorex, Pest Stop and STV. We also stock a good range of Cage Traps.

Jade Grain Display Box (150g x 10)

Ref: LOD10

Ruby Block Display Box (5 x 300g)

Ref: LOD12

Sapphire Grain Display Box (10 x 150g)

Ref: LOD14

Sapphire Paste Display Box (10 x 150g)

Ref: LOD15

Insecto Fly 600ml Aerosol pk12

Ref: LOD3

Insecto Wasp 600ml Aerosol pk12

Ref: LOD4

Fly Killer Insect O Cutter

Ref: PS125

"Pestclear" Mains Clears Rats & Mice

Ref: PS2500

"Pestclear" Batt Powered (Cats & Dogs)

Ref: PS3010

Mains Adaptor for PS3022

Ref: PS3015

Pestclear Professional

Ref: PS4000

NEW PRICE Proctor Peststop Tunnel Mole Trap


Rentokil Ant Killer Gel pk of 12

Ref: REN03

Rentokil A & I Killer 150g Powder pk of 6

Ref: REN05

Rentokil A & I Killer 300g Powder pk of 6

Ref: REN07

Rentokill Fly Papers (12 x 4)

Ref: REN08

Rentokill Fly & Wasp Killer 300ml Aerosol

Ref: REN09

Rentokill Wasp Killer Powder 150g pk of 6

Ref: REN10

Rentokill Wasp Killer Powder 300g pk of 6

Ref: REN11

Rentokill Insectrol Flea Powder 150g per pack of 6

Ref: REN12

Rentokill Insectrol Spray for Fleas 250ml pk of 6

Ref: REN13

Rentokill Wasp Destroyer"Foam" 300ml Aerosol pack of 6

Ref: REN15

Rentokil Flying Insect Killer 300ml Aerosol (pk 6)

Ref: REN16

Advanced Mouse Trap, pack of 6

Ref: REN27

Advanced Mouse Trap SINGLE

Ref: REN27S

Advanced Rat Trap, pack of 6

Ref: REN28

Advanced Rat Trap SINGLE

Ref: REN28S

Live Catch Mouse Trap, pack of 6

Ref: REN29

Live Catch Mouse Traps SINGLE

Ref: REN29S

Enclosed Mouse Trap (Pack 6)

Ref: REN32

Enclosed Mouse Traps SINGLE

Ref: REN32S

Rentokil Fly Cassette pk12

Ref: REN36

Rat Trap Advanced (6 x 2)

Ref: REN51

Advanced Rat Traps SINGLE Twinpack

Ref: REN51S

Advanced Mouse Traps (6x2)

Ref: REN52

Advanced Mouse Traps SINGLE Twinpack

Ref: REN52S

Rentokil Wooden Rat Trap (pk6)

Ref: REN55

Wooden Rat Traps SINGLE

Ref: REN55S

Rentokil Quick Set Mouse Trap pk6

Ref: REN56

Rentokil Quick Set Mouse Trap SINGLES

Ref: REN56S

Rentokil Quick Set Rat Trap

Ref: REN57

Rentokil Quick Set Rat Trap SINGLE

Ref: REN57S

Rentokil Clean Kill Mouse Traps Twin Pk ( Pk 6)

Ref: REN58

Rentokil Clean Kill Mouse Traps Twin Pk SINGLES

Ref: REN58S

Rentokil Insect Foggers (6 x 2)

Ref: REN61

NEW PRICE Red Top Fly Trap

Ref: RT67

NEW PRICE Red Top Fly Trap (Display box 10)

Ref: RT67-0

NEW PRICE ady-to-use Rat Bait 3kg Single

Ref: SOR22

NEW PRICE ady-to-use Rat Bait 6kg Single

Ref: SOR23

NEW PRICE ady-to-use Rat Bait 10kg GOLD

Ref: SOR24

NEW Pxa Ratpacks Satchets 5kg GOLD Single Bkt

Ref: SOR27


Ref: SOR29

Sorex Rat Bait Box

Ref: SOR60

Sorex Rat Bait Box Outer of 6

Ref: SOR60-0

DISCONTINUED Roguard Wide Piper Bait Station

Ref: SOR67


Ref: SOR69

STV Window Fly Trap (6 x 3) pk6

Ref: STV012

Rabbit Cage Trap HD "Big Cheese"

Ref: STV071

Mink Cages

Ref: STV072

(Check Price ) Fox & Wildlife Trap Defenders

Ref: STV073

Rat Cage Trap, "Big Cheese"

Ref: STV075

Squirrel Cage Trap "Big Cheese"

Ref: STV076


Ref: STV079

Rat Trap Multi Catch Cage

Ref: STV080

"Baited" Mouse, Trap Wd Base Pk 12

Ref: STV100

Rat Trap Super Ultra Power PACK OF 3

Ref: STV108

"Baited " Rat Trap, Wood Base " Big Cheese"

Ref: STV110

"Baited " Rat Trap, Wood Base " Big Cheese" (PACK 6)

Ref: STV110-0

STV Quick Click Mouse Trap (pk 3)

Ref: STV147

Ultra Power Mouse Trap Twin (pk2)

Ref: STV148

Ultra Power Rat Trap Twin (pk2)

Ref: STV149

Barrel Mole Trap PACK 12

Ref: STV152

STV Live Catch Baited Mouse, PK6

Ref: STV155

Multi - Mouse live Catch, up to 4 Mice

Ref: STV162

STV "Big Cheese" Bait for Trap (pk 6)

Ref: STV163

STV Strongbox Bait Station

Ref: STV175

STV Strongbox Bait Station Outer pk of 6

Ref: STV175-0

Large "Multi Mouse" Live Catch (10 Mice)

Ref: STV177

Rat Bait Station

Ref: STV179

Mouse Glue Trap PK 12"Twin Pack" "Big Cheese"

Ref: STV182

Rat Glue Trap PK 12 "Twin Pack" "Big Cheese"

Ref: STV183

Mouse Trap Fresh Baited pk 30

Ref: STV194

Rat Trap Fresh Baited PK6

Ref: STV195

All Weather Block Bait Mouse Killer Stations

Ref: STV210

STV All Weather Bait Blocks 6 x 10g

Ref: STV211

STV All Weather Bait Blocks 15 x 10g

Ref: STV212

STV All Weather Bait Blocks 30 x 10g

Ref: STV213

Big Head Fly Swat PK 18

Ref: STV216

Mouse and Rat Killer Pasta Bait (6 sachets)

Ref: STV222

STV Mouse and Rat Killer Pasta Bait Satchet (15 satchets)

Ref: STV223

Rat Killer Grain Bait Satchet 1 x 150g

Ref: STV224

Easy Fit Door Fly Screen SINGLES

Ref: STV227

Window Fly Screen SINGLE

Ref: STV229

Window Fly Screen (pk6)

Ref: STV229-0

Strip Blind for Doors SINGLE

Ref: STV235

Strip Blind for Doors Multi Colourd Pk 12

Ref: STV235-0

Mouse Killer Satchet 2 x 25g

Ref: STV238

Rat and Mouse Killer Grain Bait Satchet SINGLE (6 x 25g)

Ref: STV244

DISCONTINUED Claw Mole Trap Easy Set Single Box

Ref: STV307

Mole Claw Trap (Display Pack of 12)

Ref: STV312


Ref: STV318

Outdoor Fly Trap pk 2

Ref: STV336

Fly Catcher Bait Refill

Ref: STV337

"Big Cheese" Plastic Wasp Honeypot SINGLES

Ref: STV368

Ultra Power Trap Kit for Mice

Ref: STV563

STV Ultra Power Trap Kit for Rats

Ref: STV564

STV Ultra Power Block Bait Mouse Killer Station and Refills

Ref: STV565

Ultra Power Block Bait Rat Killer Station

Ref: STV566

Ultra Power Block Bait2 Station Refills SINGLE (6 x 20g)

Ref: STV567

Ultra P/Block Bait 2 Killer Refills 15 x 20g

Ref: STV568


Ref: STV610

Universal Repeller Adaptor

Ref: STV612

Cat Repellent Scatter Granules SINGLE

Ref: STV616

Cat & Dog Repeller 450ml Gel Defenders pk6

Ref: STV619

MegaSonic Cat & Dog Repeller

Ref: STV620

Cat & Dog Repellent RTU Spray 1.5ltr SINGLE

Ref: STV624

Cat & Dog Repellent RTU Spray 1.5ltr (Pack 4)

Ref: STV624-0

DISCONTINUED Cat & Dog Repellent Spray 750ml SINGLE

Ref: STV625

Cat & Dog Repellent RTU Spray 750ml (Pack 6)

Ref: STV625-0

Squirrel Repellent 750ml Defenders PK6

Ref: STV627

Mole Repellent 450g Defenders PK6

Ref: STV651

Mouse & Rat Repeller " Big Cheese "

Ref: STV717

Mouse Trap Electronic Ultra Power

Ref: STV722

Pest Repeller Ultra Power

Ref: STV725

Mouse & Rat Repeller 3pk

Ref: STV728

STV Plug in Insect Killer (Travel Adaptor)

Ref: STV733

STV Plug in Insect Killer ( Travel Adaptor) Pack of 12

Ref: STV733-0

Mole Chaser Solar Powered

Ref: STV757

Advanced Pest Repeller

Ref: STV789

Fly Papers Pack 8

Ref: STV878

STV Fly Papers pack 12 x 8

Ref: STV878-0

STV Bug Bat

Ref: STV882

Bird Repeller Spikes 2 Mtrs

Ref: STV900

Prickle Strip Fence Topper Defenders (pk 24)

Ref: STV908

Repeller Ribbon pk of 6

Ref: STV922

Falcon 14" Tall

Ref: STV942

STV Eye Ball Bird Scarer

Ref: STV960

Wind-Action Owl

Ref: STV965

Flying Falcon 21" Wingspan

Ref: STV971

Spider Repellenr 500ml pk6

Ref: STV981

Fox Wires c/w Swivel & Stop

Ref: V1

Mouse Trap Little Nipper

Ref: V10

Rat Trap (Nipper)

Ref: V10R

Nipper "Snap Trap" Pre Baited Pk 16

Ref: V12P

Intruder Mouse Trap Display Box 12 x 2

Ref: V13D

Mink/Squirrel Trap

Ref: V14

Mink/Squirrel Cage Trap, Entry Both Ends

Ref: V14DE

Intruder Rat Trap

Ref: V15

Std Rat Cage

Ref: V16

DUE MID JULY Rabbit Cage Trap

Ref: V17P

NEW STYLE Fox Wire c/w Breakaway

Ref: V1NS

Rat Eyre Bait Station

Ref: V25

Rat Bait Boxes C/W Key

Ref: V28

Rat Bait Boxes c/w Key OUTER PACK OF 8

Ref: V28-0

Micro Bait Box for Mice C/W KEY

Ref: V29

CHECK PRICE (KIT FORM) Larsen Magpie Cage Trap, Twin Catch

Ref: V33C

Springs for Larson Traps

Ref: V35

Mk 4 Rat Trap (Fenn)

Ref: V4

Single Catch Larsen Cage Trap 16"

Ref: V40

Fenn Springer Scissor Mole Trap NEW

Ref: V42

Mk 6 Rabbit/Mink Trap (Fenn)

Ref: V5

Monarch "ORIGINAL" Rat Cage Trap

Ref: V55

"Elgeeco" Squirrel Trap

Ref: V58

Claw Mole Traps

Ref: V6

Heavy Duty Mole Trap

Ref: V60HD

Mink Cage Trap Double Entry

Ref: V66P

Squirrel Cage Trap Double Entry

Ref: V67P

Duffas Barrel Mole Traps

Ref: V7

Mouse Trap Self Set

Ref: V8

Rat Trap Self Set

Ref: V9

STV ZERO Fly Papers pk4 SINGLE

Ref: ZER015

STV ZERO Fly Papers 24 x 4pk

Ref: ZER015-0

Moth Repeller Balls pk6

Ref: ZER031

Cedarwood Moth Repeller (pk6 x 12)

Ref: ZER035

Zero In Flying Insect Stick

Ref: ZER502

Zero Sticky Fly Roll 10M x 25cm

Ref: ZER504

Zero Sticky Fly Roll 5M x 15cm

Ref: ZER506

Zero Fly Papers Pack 24

Ref: ZER508

Replacement Bulb for ZER880 & ZER736

Ref: ZER514

Zero Reusable Outdoor Fly Trap Pack 4

Ref: ZER540

USE ZER546 Zero Outdoor Fly Trap Refills Pack 6

Ref: ZER542

Zero Disposable Outdoor Fly Trap Pack 6

Ref: ZER544

Zero Fly and Wasp Killer 600ml Pack 6

Ref: ZER552

Zero Wasp Nest Killer Foam 600ml Pack 6

Ref: ZER556

Zero High Voltage Insect Killer

Ref: ZER570

Refill Sheets for STV736 pack of 10

Ref: ZER737

Disposable Electric Fly Killer

Ref: ZER880

60 Day Citronella Diffuser

Ref: ZER885

Wasp Nest Killer Foam pack 6

Ref: ZER904

ZERO Fly & Wasp Spray 300ml pk6

Ref: ZER906