Wholesalers of Tyre Repair

We stock Rema Tip Top tyre repair and puncture kits. We also stock bead breakers and tyre leavers as well as Footpumps and Air Compressors. We also supply Linseal OKO tyre sealant.

B/Breaker with Protective Hand Grip

Ref: BB0

Strings for ATV, Quad Bike Kit (50)

Ref: KX363

Single Foot Pump

Ref: MP790

Double Foot Pump

Ref: MP791

No 0 - 30mm Patches

Ref: N0036

No 1 - 37mm Patches box of 30

Ref: N0137

No 2 - 45mm Patch box of 30

Ref: N0245

No 3 - 54mm Patches box of 30

Ref: N0354

No 4 - 75mm Patches boxes of 30

Ref: N0475

No 5 - 94mm per box of 10

Ref: N0594

No 6 - 116mm Patches per box of 10

Ref: N06116

25 Litre Drum

Ref: OKO5

Oko Tyre Sealant 1 Ltre Bottle pack of 12

Ref: OKO6

Oko Tyre Sealant 1 Ltre Bottle pack of 24

Ref: OKO6-0

Applicator for Drum

Ref: OKO7

Cross Ply Repair Patches 100mm Single

Ref: PN03

Cross Ply Repair Patches 120mm Single

Ref: PN04

Cross Ply Repair Patches 160mm Single

Ref: PN05

Radial Repair Patch 55 x 75mm Single

Ref: RAD100

Radial Repair Patches 67 x 104mm Single

Ref: RAD112

Radial Repair Patches 80 x 125mm Single

Ref: RAD120

Radial Repair Patches Single

Ref: RAD140

H.D. Valve Connector (Pro-Quality)

Ref: SUN15

175g Vulcanising Can

Ref: T0196

500gm Aerosol Liq Buffer

Ref: T0732

1 Litre Can Liquid Buffer

Ref: T0828

10gm Fluid Tube

Ref: T9056

34" Tyre Lever

Ref: TL1

20" Tyre Lever

Ref: TL2

20" Spoon Lever

Ref: TL3

Touring Bike Kit

Ref: TT02

Air/Water Valve for Tractors pk 10

Ref: TT0277

Special Cement for Sealastic Plugs (rema)

Ref: TT0357

Twin Tyre Valve Connector

Ref: TT1014

Clip-On Valve Connector

Ref: TT1131

Sealastic Repair Kit for Large Tyres - NEW

Ref: TT155

Mont 2000 5kg

Ref: TT1851

Truck Puncture Repair Kit

Ref: TT21

Repair Plugs (Rema) Pk 20

Ref: TT2147

E M Sealastic Plugs (Pack of 20)

Ref: TT2161

Inserting Tool For Plugs (Rema)

Ref: TT2219

Inserting Tool ATV

Ref: TT2336

Snap in Valve for Trailers

Ref: TT2649

Valve Mounting Tool "Screw On"

Ref: TT28308

Valve Cap- NEW

Ref: TT296

Tractor Puncture Repair Kit

Ref: TT30

Air/Water Snap in Valve for Tractors

Ref: TT3035

Air/Water Valve for Tractors

Ref: TT3080

Car Super Sealastic Plugs (pk 50)

Ref: TT3108

Hanauer Maus Water Ballasting Kit

Ref: TT3138

Car Sealastic Kit

Ref: TT3407

Mountain Bike Puncture Repair Kit

Ref: TT506

Sealfix Strings For ATV (Pack of 50)

Ref: TT5101

Tyre Pressure Gauge

Ref: TT5333

Inserting Tool for Removal of Valves

Ref: TT562

Quad Bike Puncture Repair Kit