Wholesalers of Tubtrugs

We stock a fantastic range of tubtrugs in 12 litre, 14 litre, 15 litre, 26 litre, 38 litre and 75 litre in a vast selection of colours.

We can offer heavy duty black tubtrugs in sizes 25 litre, 40 litre and 55 litre.

We offer cesto baskets in pink, purple and pistachio.

38 Litre Pink Tubtrug

Ref: TUB10

38 Litre Sky Blue Tubtrug

Ref: TUB11

38 Litre Pistachio Tubtrug

Ref: TUB12

26 Litre Green Tubtrug

Ref: TUB15

38 Litre Green Tubtrug

Ref: TUB16

26 Litre Yellow Tubtrug

Ref: TUB20

26 Litre Red Tubtrug - NEW

Ref: TUB21

26 Litre Blue Tubtrug

Ref: TUB22

26 Litre Purple Tubtrug- NEW

Ref: TUB23

26 Litre Orange Tubtrug - NEW

Ref: TUB24

26 Litre Pink Tubtrug

Ref: TUB25

26 Litre Sky Blue Tubtrug - NEW

Ref: TUB26

26 Litre Pistachio Tubtrug - NEW

Ref: TUB27

14 Litre Green Tubtrug

Ref: TUB30

14 Litre Yellow Tubtrug

Ref: TUB31

14 Litre Red Tubtrug

Ref: TUB32

14 Litre Blue Tubtrug

Ref: TUB33

14 Litre Purple Tubtrug

Ref: TUB34

14 Litre Orange Tubtrug

Ref: TUB35

14 Litre Pink Tubtrug

Ref: TUB36

14 Litre Sky Blue Tubtrug

Ref: TUB37

14 Litre Pistachio Tubtrug

Ref: TUB38

38 Litre Yellow Tubtrug

Ref: TUB5

38 Litre Red Tubtrug

Ref: TUB6

38 Litre Blue Tubtrug

Ref: TUB7

38 Litre Purple Tubtrug

Ref: TUB8

38 Litre Orange Tubtrug

Ref: TUB9

15 Litre Tubtrug Pistachio NEW

Ref: TUB58

15 Litre Tubtrug Sky Blue NEW

Ref: TUB57

15 Litre Tubtrug Pink

Ref: TUB56

15 Litre Tubtrug Yellow

Ref: TUB55

15 Litre Tubtrug Orange

Ref: TUB54

15 Litre Tubtrug Blue

Ref: TUB53

15 Litre Tubtrug Red

Ref: TUB52

15 Litre Tubtrug Green

Ref: TUB51

15 Litre Tubtrug Purple

Ref: TUB50

75 Litre Yellow Tubtrug

Ref: TUB18

75 Litre Green Tubtrug

Ref: TUB17

75 Litre Purple Tubtrug

Ref: TUB42

75 Litre Blue Tubtrug

Ref: TUB43

75 Litre Red Tubtrug

Ref: TUB44

Cesto Basket Pink

Ref: TUB62

Cesto Basket Purple

Ref: TUB63

5 Litre Purple Mini Shallow Tubtrug

Ref: TUB70

5 Litre Blue Mini Shallow Tubtrug

Ref: TUB71

5 Litre Red Mini Shallow Tubtrug

Ref: TUB72

5 Litre Orange Mini Shallow Tubtrug

Ref: TUB73

5 Litre Green Mini Shallow Tubtrug

Ref: TUB74

5 Litre Pink Mini Shallow Tubtrug

Ref: TUB75

7 ltr Mini Plastic Tub BLACK

Ref: TUB76

7 ltr Mini Plastic Tub RED

Ref: TUB77

35 Litre Purple Large Shallow Tubtrug

Ref: TUB80

35 Litre Blue Large Shallow Tubtrug

Ref: TUB81

35 Litre Red Large Shallow Tubtrug

Ref: TUB82

35 Litre Green Large Shallow Tubtrug

Ref: TUB83

Tub Belt

Ref: TTB

25Ltr Stack "n" Store Flexi Storage Box Blue

Ref: TUB92

25Ltr Stack "n" Store Flexi Storage Box Purple

Ref: TUB93

25Ltr Stack "n" Store Flexi Storage Box Pink

Ref: TUB94

Tidee Tray Plastic PINK

Ref: CDY08

Tidee Tray Plastic PURPLE

Ref: CDY07

Tidee Tray Plastic BLUE

Ref: CDY06

Tidee Tray Plastic BLACK

Ref: CDY05

7 ltr Mini Plastic Tub PINK

Ref: TUB79

7 ltr Mini Plastic Tub PURPLE

Ref: TUB78

15ltr Plastic Hanging Manger PINK


15ltr Plastic Hanging Manger PURPLE


15ltr Plastic Hanging Manger RED

Ref: MAN1R

15ltr Plastic Hanging Manger BLACK


20 ltr Medium Plastic Skip BLACK

Ref: SK2BK

20 ltr Medium Plastic Skip RED

Ref: SK2R

20 ltr Medium Plastic Skip PURPLE


20 ltr Medium Plastic Skip PINK

Ref: SK2PK

11 ltr Small Plastic Skip BLACK

Ref: SK1BK

11 ltr Small Plastic Skip PINK

Ref: SK1PK

11 ltr Small Plastic Skip PURPLE


11 ltr Small Plastic Skip RED

Ref: SK1R

Cesto Basket Green

Ref: TUB65

Cesto Basket Sky Blue

Ref: TUB64