Wholesalers of Trallfa Barrows

We are one of the leading UK wholesalers of Trallfa metal wheelbarrows.

The WB258 (T101G) Wheelbarrow is a favourite for builders as it is a good narrow barrow that is slim enough (at 24" wide) to fit through most doorways, and has a good deep tray. It also has a plated tray and frame as well as a Pneumatic tyre.

If you were looking for something a little bit deeper,we can offer the WB250 (T120) Trallfa Wheelbarrow which is also wider than the WB258 Barrow, but also boasts the same Plated Tray and Frame that Trallfa Barrows are known for.

If its a good quality metal Wheelbarrow that you are after then look no further as we keep a supply of all of these in stock.

All Trallfa Wheelbarrows are supplied as flat pack.

Replacement parts are also available on request.

120ltr Plated Barrow

Ref: WB250