Wholesalers of Trailer Boards and Towing Accessories

Our Trailer Boards and Towing Accessories Selection is extensive and includes a lot of products from Maypole and Automarine.

Our selection of Maypole Trailerboards are very popular. We can offer 3ft, 4ft, 4ft 6", 5ft and 6ft in a selection of either Standard or LED Trailerboards, also available are spare lights/covers, plugs, and cables.

The range also includes Jockey Wheels, Trailer Couplings, Magnetic Beacons, Wheel Wrenches and Battery Chargers.

We stock a range of different Jump Leads which include 300, 350, 600 & 900 amp Leads.

We also keep a wide selection of different R Clips, Battery Terminals, Carbine Hook, Crocodile Clips, Hooks and Bolts, Repair Links and Split Links. 

25mm Anti Luce Pins Short Patt to Bolt

Ref: 3263

Battery Term.-VE to 40mm

Ref: BT450N

Battery Term +VE to 40mm

Ref: BT450P

Carbine Hook 10mm x 100mm

Ref: BZ100

Carbine Hook 12mm x 120mm

Ref: BZ120

Carbine Hook 5mm x 50mm

Ref: BZ50

Carbine Hook 6mm x 60mm

Ref: BZ60

Carbine Hook 7mm x 70mm

Ref: BZ70

Carbine Hook 8mm x 80mm

Ref: BZ80

3/4" Tow Pin c/w Ring 19mm

Ref: FP1

1/4" Linch Pin 6mm

Ref: FP16

5/16" Linch Pin 8mm

Ref: FP17

7/16" Linch Pin 11mm

Ref: FP18

7/8" Tow Pin c/w Ring 22mm

Ref: FP2

1" Tow Pin c/w Ring 25mm

Ref: FP3

Combined Ball Pin Coupling 3.5 Ton

Ref: FP3A

Towball 50mm Fged Tow Ball 2"

Ref: FP4

Tow Hitch - Ball c/w Cen.Pin (1.5 Tonnes)

Ref: FP5

Pin Ball c/w 7 1/2" Shank

Ref: FP6

Pin Ball 50mm c/w 3/4" Pin (ATV"s)

Ref: FP7

Jump Leads 16mm x 3mtr 300amp

Ref: JL606

Jump Leads 20mm x 5mtr 350amp

Ref: JL613

Jump Leads 35mm x 5mtr 600amp

Ref: JL623

Insulated Battery Clip Rating 180 Amps Black Handles

Ref: JLC180B

Insulated Battery Clip Rating 180 Amps Red Handles

Ref: JLC180R

75mm x 25 Amps Crocodile Clips,pk 2

Ref: JLC25

95mm x 50 Amps Crocodile Clip pk 2

Ref: JLC50

Rear Combi Lamp

Ref: MP10

12v N-Type Extension Socket, Plastic

Ref: MP131

Replacement Red Triangle Ref pk 2

Ref: MP16

Rep Comb Lights

Ref: MP17

7 Pin Plastic Trailer Plug

Ref: MP21

35mm Jockey Wheel & Clamp

Ref: MP225

7 Pin Plastic Trailer Socket

Ref: MP23

Metal 12N Trailer Brd Plugs

Ref: MP24

12N Metal Trailer Board Socket

Ref: MP25

Replacement Comb Light

Ref: MP3

50mm Ball Lock

Ref: MP279

Side Marker Lamp

Ref: MP37

12N Socket c/w 1.5m cable

Ref: MP391

45mm x 2mm R Clips pk 10

Ref: MP402

55mm x 3mm R Clips pack 10

Ref: MP403

77mm x 4mm R Clips pack 10

Ref: MP404

10 x 5mm R Clips pk 10

Ref: MP405

120mm x 6mm R Clips pack of 10

Ref: MP406

155mm x 7mm R Clips pk 5

Ref: MP407

HD 48mm Jockey Wheel

Ref: MP436

Secondary Coupling/Safety Cable For Unbraked Trailers

Ref: MP4982

Replacement Combin Lense only

Ref: MP5

HD Breakaway Cable PVC

Ref: MP5015

7 Pinx1.5m Flexible Plug E.Ed

Ref: MP588

Wheel Brace

Ref: MP762

Pressed Steel 50mm Coupling

Ref: MP80

Single Socket Mounting Plate

Ref: MP88

Dual Mounting Plate

Ref: MP92

Trailer Ext Lead 6mtr

Ref: MP95

MP9721 - Heavy Duty 48mm Jockey Wheel c/w Catch

Ref: MP9741

12mm Trailer Hinge Pins To Bolt

Ref: 1306

12mm Trailer Hinge Pins To Weld

Ref: 1307

8mm Galvanised Tailboard Rope Hook

Ref: 1308

12mm Anti Luce Pins to Weld

Ref: 1309

Battery Term.-VE to 60mm

Ref: BT451N

Battery Term.+VE to 60mm

Ref: BT451P

Jump Leads 50mm x 5mtr 900amp

Ref: JL626

40mm x 5 Amp Crocodile Clips pk2

Ref: JLC05

12v 13 Pin Plastic Trailer Socket

Ref: MP129

Replacement Lense for MP10

Ref: MP12

12v 13 Pin Plastic Trailer Plug

Ref: MP128

7 Core Cable 100M Roll

Ref: MP325

7 Core Cable 30M Roll

Ref: MP326

Jump Leads 20mm x 3mtr 350amp

Ref: JL611

Wheel Wrench Extendable

Ref: MP7621

Conversion Adaptor (13 to 7 Pin) BLIS PACK

Ref: MP601

Conversion Adaptor (7 to 13 Pin) BLIS PACK

Ref: MP600

Carbine Hook 4mm

Ref: BZ40

400A Lithium Ion Power Pack

Ref: MP7430

Swivel Snap Hooks 76mm x 19mm

Ref: 337

Forged Straining Screw 6mm

Ref: 4216

Forged Straining Screws 8mm

Ref: 4218

6ft Trailer Board c/w 12M Cable

Ref: TB6

5ft Trailer Board 12M Cable

Ref: TB4

4ft 6" Trailer Board 8M Cable

Ref: TB3

4ft Trailer Board 6M Cable

Ref: TB2

3ft Trailer Board c/w 4M Cable

Ref: TB1

Spring Hooks (Swivel) 100mm

Ref: SWAL5

Spring Hooks (Swivel) 90mm

Ref: SWAL4

Spring Hooks (Swivel) 80mm

Ref: SWAL3

Spring Hooks (Swivel) 60mm

Ref: SWAL2

Quick Repair Links 8mm

Ref: RL8

Quick Repair Links 6mm

Ref: RL6

Quick Repair Links 5mm

Ref: RL5

Quick Repair Links 4mm

Ref: RL4

Quick Repair Links 10mm

Ref: RL10

Split Links 4mm

Ref: SL4

Spring Hook to Crue 75mm x 7mm

Ref: SWAL10

Spring Hook to Crue 90mm x 8mm

Ref: SWAL11

Spring Hook to Crue 100mm x 9mm

Ref: SWAL12

Spring Hook to Crue 50mm x 5mm

Ref: SWAL8

Spring Hook to Crue 63mm x 6mm

Ref: SWAL9

LED 3" Trailer Board c/w 4M Cable

Ref: TB10

Split Links 5mm

Ref: SL5

Split Links 6mm

Ref: SL6

Split Links 8mm

Ref: SL8

LED 6" Trailer Board c/w 12M Cable

Ref: TB14

LED 4" Trailer Board c/w 6M Cable

Ref: TB11

LED 4" 6" Trailer Board c/w 8M Cable

Ref: TB12