Wholesalers of Gloves Towa Range

We stock a large selection of Towa Gloves.

Our range includes Powergrab Thermo Gloves (S,M,L,XL) which are suitable for work in Cold Weather, and the Kevlar coated Powergrab Katana Gloves (M, L, XL) that are suitable for people who are working with materials such as Metal, Wood and Glass.

We also stock the Powergrab Kev4 (M,L,XL) which are Latex Coated Kevlar Fibre Gloves suitable for use in Building, Forestry and Building Trades, as well as the ActivGrip Advanced Kev Gloves (M,L,XL) which are a Knitted Kevlar with Nitrile Coating.

The range also includes the Activgrip Advance Gloves (Xs, S, M, L, XL) which are a good glove for using in Wet and Oily conditions which is why they are a favourite for peole doing Automotive Work.

Towa also produce the 'WithGarden' range of gloves. The Withgarden Landscape is a good glove for people during durable garden and outdoor work. It is available in Small, Medium or Large and a choice of colours: Burgundy, Navy Blue and Forest Green. The Withgarden range also includes the 'Thermal' cold weather gloves which are Lemon Yellow in colour and also come in Small, Medium or Large.

We also stock a selection of Towa PVC Work Gloves and Gauntlets, the Activgrip AG566 is a Green 30cm Long Nitrile Gauntlet that is good for use in Wet and Dry conditions, it comes in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. We also keep the Towa OR656 which is a Blue General Purpose Glove that is 30cm long. It provides good grip in Wet and Oily conditions and is used in Fishing, Agriculture and General Work.

Towa Thermo Glove Yellow Large

Ref: PC1457

Towa L/scape Garden Glove Red Medium

Ref: PC1419

Towa Thermo Glove Yellow Small

Ref: PC1455

Activgrip AG566 Towa Gloves Small Green

Ref: PC195

DISPLAY PK Powergrab Towa Thermo Gloves MEDIUM ORANGE

Ref: PC171

OFFER PC15 P/Grab Thermo Gloves LARGE ORANGE Towa

Ref: PC172


Ref: PC173

Towa L/Scape Garden Glove Red Small

Ref: PC1418

Towa Thermo Glove Yellow Medium

Ref: PC1456

Towa L/scape Garden Glove Red Large

Ref: PC1420

Towa L/scape Garden Glove Navy Small

Ref: PC1422

Towa L/scape Garden Glove Navy Medium

Ref: PC1423

Towa L/scape Garden Glove Large Navy

Ref: PC1424

Towa L/scape Garden Glove Green Small

Ref: PC1426

Towa L/scape Garden Glove Green Medium

Ref: PC1427

Towa L/scape Garden Glove Green Large

Ref: PC1428

CARDED Towa Activgrip Double Dipped Nitrile Medium

Ref: PC589

CARDED Towa Activgrip Double Dipped Nitrile Large

Ref: PC590