Wholesalers of Torches and Lanterns

Our Torches and Lanterns Range includes a good variety of products from Active Products and also Clulite. 

Our Active Product selection includes 6pks of Inspection Hand Lamps, Cree Spotlights which can either come as rechargeable or complete with a PJ996 battery, Worklights, Rubber Torches as well as a choice of Tri Mode or High performance Head Torches. We also have a selection of bright Allot Torches.

The Clulite range of Torches includes the CLU-13 Clu-liter Torch, The SMLED LED Smartlite and the multi functional WL3 Emergency Worklight which offers 3 different modes, comes with a strong magnet, hanging hook and both Mains and Vehicle Chargers.

HP Spotlight c/w PJ996 Battery

Ref: 50299

9 LED Rubber Torch Pack of 12

Ref: 51692

Rechargeable Torch

Ref: A51005

Krypton Lantern

Ref: A51104

80 Lumens Tri-Mode Head Torch

Ref: A52095

150 Led Rechargeable Spotlight

Ref: A52309

Cree Rechargeable Spotlight NEW

Ref: A52538

500 Lumens COB Rechargable Worklight

Ref: A52644

800 Lumens COB Rechargable Worklight

Ref: A52651

Cob LED Inspection Lamp

Ref: A55942

Cob Pocket Worklight Pack of 12

Ref: A55959

2AA Cree LED Torch

Ref: A56017

High Performance Head Torch

Ref: A56062

20w X 40 LED Rechargable Light

Ref: BRN235

Rechargeable LED Spot Light

Ref: BRN308

30w X 50 LED Rechargable Light

Ref: BRN335

SMD LED Universal Lamp

Ref: BRN541

Rechageable Multi Function Light

Ref: BRN567

Premium Focus LED Flashlight

Ref: BRN860