Wholesalers of Vacuum Flasks

Our Vacuum Flask Range includes products from Aladdin and Thermos.

The Thermos products that we keep include the 500ml and 1ltr Thermocafe Flasks and Travel Mugs, The 1.2ltr Max Flask and the 0.8ltr Ultimate Flask.

We now also stock the Stainless Steel King Flasks from Thermos.

Our Aladdin range of Flasks include the 1ltr Challenger Flask and the 1.9ltr Brushed Steel Stanley Classic Flask.

1.90L Stanley Classic Flask Brushed Steel

Ref: ALD10

Thermocafe 0.5 Litre Thermo Flask

Ref: TH50

Thermocafe Day 1 Litre Thermo Flask

Ref: TH51

Thermos Max Flask 1.2ltr

Ref: TH52

Thermocafe Thermos Travel Mug 400ml

Ref: TH55

0.8 Litre Ultimate Flask

Ref: TH58

DISCON Thermocafe M/Purpose Thermo Flask 0.8 Litre (DF2275)

Ref: TH59

Thermos Stainless King Flask 0.47L Red

Ref: TH60

Thermos Stainless King Flask Blue 1.2Ltr

Ref: TH61

Thermos Soft Touch Travel Mug 400ml (Red)

Ref: TH66

DISCONTINUED Thermos Soft Touch Travel Mug 400ml (Blue)

Ref: TH67