Wholesalers of Thermometers, Rain Gauges and Balances

We keep a selection of Brannan Thermomters and Rain gauges in stock, these include Fridge Freezer Thermomters, HD Plastic Rain Gauges,and Wall Thermometers.

We also keep in stock Spring Pocket Balances starting at 12kg (27lb) up to 100kg (224lb).

Spring Pocket Balance 50Kg

Ref: 213

Rain Gauge, HD. Plastic

Ref: BN070

Press Button (Max/Min) Budget Thermometer

Ref: BN403

Press Button Thermometer (Green Max/Min)

Ref: BN404

Non Contact Thermometer

Ref: BN405

NEW DESIGN Digital Thermometer, Indoor/Outdoor

Ref: BN412

Direct Rain Gauge 0-60mm (W1855)

Ref: BN414

Budget Wall Thermometer (145mm)

Ref: BN436

Wall Thermometer, (215mm)

Ref: BN461

Fridge/Freezer Thermometer (Dial)

Ref: BN475

Fridge/ Freezer Thermometer (130mm)

Ref: BN483

Ceka Pocket Balance 30kg/66lb

Ref: WAY5

Ceka Pocket Balance 50kg/112lb

Ref: WAY6