Wholesalers of STV Products

We stock a vast range of STV products, this includes the 'Big Cheese', 'Defender', 'Zero In' and 'The Buzz' ranges.

The Big Cheese range contains a wide of Traps & Cages for all your Rat and Mice control needs. They also have a wide range of Bait Stations as well as Bait in block or satchet form.

The Defender range comprises of Cage Traps, Pest & Sonic Repellents, Mole Claw and Barrel traps and Decoys. The Defender Cages are good for catching Mink, Squirrels, Rabbits, Foxes and Magpies. If you are looking for Cat & Dog repellent we keep both granule and spray forms in stock.

We keep a few different products in stock from 'The Buzz' range. We keep a variety of Fly Papers and Traps, Fly Screens, Swats, Bug Bats and Plug In Insect killer.

The Zero In range consists of Moth Repellent both in Ball and Sachet form, Bed Bug killer and Bug Zappas.

STV Window Fly Trap (6 x 3) pk6

Ref: STV012

Rabbit Cage Trap HD "Big Cheese"

Ref: STV071

Mink Cages

Ref: STV072

(Check Price ) Fox & Wildlife Trap Defenders

Ref: STV073

Rat Cage Trap, "Big Cheese"

Ref: STV075

Squirrel Cage Trap "Big Cheese"

Ref: STV076


Ref: STV079

Rat Trap Multi Catch Cage

Ref: STV080

Rat Trap Super Ultra Power PACK OF 3

Ref: STV108

"Baited " Rat Trap, Wood Base " Big Cheese"

Ref: STV110

"Baited " Rat Trap, Wood Base " Big Cheese" (PACK 6)

Ref: STV110-0

Ultra Power Mouse Trap Twin (pk2)

Ref: STV148

Ultra Power Rat Trap Twin (pk2)

Ref: STV149

Barrel Mole Trap PACK 12

Ref: STV152

STV Live Catch Baited Mouse, PK6

Ref: STV155

Multi - Mouse live Catch, up to 4 Mice

Ref: STV162

STV Strongbox Bait Station

Ref: STV175

STV Strongbox Bait Station Outer pk of 6

Ref: STV175-0

Large "Multi Mouse" Live Catch (10 Mice)

Ref: STV177

Rat Bait Station

Ref: STV179

Mouse Glue Trap PK 12"Twin Pack" "Big Cheese"

Ref: STV182

Rat Glue Trap PK 12 "Twin Pack" "Big Cheese"

Ref: STV183

Mouse Trap Fresh Baited pk 30

Ref: STV194

Rat Trap Fresh Baited PK6

Ref: STV195

All Weather Block Bait Mouse Killer Stations

Ref: STV210

STV All Weather Bait Blocks 6 x 10g

Ref: STV211

STV All Weather Bait Blocks 15 x 10g

Ref: STV212

STV All Weather Bait Blocks 30 x 10g

Ref: STV213

Big Head Fly Swat PK 18

Ref: STV216

Mouse and Rat Killer Pasta Bait (6 sachets)

Ref: STV222

STV Mouse and Rat Killer Pasta Bait Satchet (15 satchets)

Ref: STV223

Rat Killer Grain Bait Satchet 1 x 150g

Ref: STV224

Easy Fit Door Fly Screen SINGLES

Ref: STV227

Window Fly Screen SINGLE

Ref: STV229

Window Fly Screen (pk6)

Ref: STV229-0

Strip Blind for Doors SINGLE

Ref: STV235

Strip Blind for Doors Multi Colourd Pk 12

Ref: STV235-0

Mouse Killer Satchet 2 x 25g

Ref: STV238

Rat and Mouse Killer Grain Bait Satchet SINGLE (6 x 25g)

Ref: STV244

DISCONTINUED Claw Mole Trap Easy Set Single Box

Ref: STV307

Mole Claw Trap (Display Pack of 12)

Ref: STV312

Outdoor Fly Trap pk 2

Ref: STV336

Fly Catcher Bait Refill

Ref: STV337

"Big Cheese" Plastic Wasp Honeypot SINGLES

Ref: STV368

STV Ultra Power Block Bait Mouse Killer Station and Refills

Ref: STV565

Ultra Power Block Bait Rat Killer Station

Ref: STV566

Ultra Power Block Bait2 Station Refills SINGLE (6 x 20g)

Ref: STV567

Ultra P/Block Bait 2 Killer Refills 15 x 20g

Ref: STV568


Ref: STV610

Universal Repeller Adaptor

Ref: STV612

Cat Repellent Scatter Granules SINGLE

Ref: STV616

Cat & Dog Repeller 450ml Gel Defenders pk6

Ref: STV619

MegaSonic Cat & Dog Repeller

Ref: STV620

Cat & Dog Repellent RTU Spray 1.5ltr SINGLE

Ref: STV624

Cat & Dog Repellent RTU Spray 1.5ltr (Pack 4)

Ref: STV624-0

DISCONTINUED Cat & Dog Repellent Spray 750ml SINGLE

Ref: STV625

Cat & Dog Repellent RTU Spray 750ml (Pack 6)

Ref: STV625-0

Squirrel Repellent 750ml Defenders PK6

Ref: STV627

Mole Repellent 450g Defenders PK6

Ref: STV651

Mouse Trap Electronic Ultra Power

Ref: STV722

Pest Repeller Ultra Power

Ref: STV725

STV Plug in Insect Killer (Travel Adaptor)

Ref: STV733

STV Plug in Insect Killer ( Travel Adaptor) Pack of 12

Ref: STV733-0

Fly Papers Pack 8

Ref: STV878

STV Fly Papers pack 12 x 8

Ref: STV878-0

STV Bug Bat

Ref: STV882

Bird Repeller Spikes 2 Mtrs

Ref: STV900

Prickle Strip Fence Topper Defenders (pk 24)

Ref: STV908

Repeller Ribbon pk of 6

Ref: STV922

Falcon 14" Tall

Ref: STV942

STV Eye Ball Bird Scarer

Ref: STV960

Wind-Action Owl

Ref: STV965

Flying Falcon 21" Wingspan

Ref: STV971

Spider Repellenr 500ml pk6

Ref: STV981

STV ZERO Fly Papers pk4 SINGLE

Ref: ZER015

STV ZERO Fly Papers 24 x 4pk

Ref: ZER015-0

Moth Repeller Balls pk6

Ref: ZER031

Cedarwood Moth Repeller (pk6 x 12)

Ref: ZER035

Zero In Flying Insect Stick

Ref: ZER502

Zero Sticky Fly Roll 10M x 25cm

Ref: ZER504

Zero Sticky Fly Roll 5M x 15cm

Ref: ZER506

Zero Fly Papers Pack 24

Ref: ZER508

Replacement Bulb for ZER880 & ZER736

Ref: ZER514

Zero Reusable Outdoor Fly Trap Pack 4

Ref: ZER540

USE ZER546 Zero Outdoor Fly Trap Refills Pack 6

Ref: ZER542

Zero Fly and Wasp Killer 600ml Pack 6

Ref: ZER552

Zero Wasp Nest Killer Foam 600ml Pack 6

Ref: ZER556

Zero High Voltage Insect Killer

Ref: ZER570

Refill Sheets for STV736 pack of 10

Ref: ZER737