Wholesalers of Sterling Padlocks

We keep a wide range of Sterling Padlocks in stock.

Our range includes Armoured, Combination and Long Shackle Padlocks, as well as Weatherproof, Double Locking and Premium Burg Wachter Ranges. 

We offer a selection of Keyed-a-Like Multipack Brass Padlocks as well as a Budget Brass Padlock range.

As well as Padlocks our Sterling range also includes Security Anchors, Braided Steel Chain, Locking Bolts and Key minders.

40mm Long Shackle Padlock BPL242

Ref: 2157

50mm Long Shackle Padlock BPL252

Ref: 2158

Key Minder


10mm Hardened Chain & Pad 100ASP

Ref: PH100

Braided Steel Cable 1.2m x 12mm 121C

Ref: PH121

Braided Steel 2.1m x 12mm 122C

Ref: PH122

10mm x 1.5mtr Sterling Chain & Padlock 150ASP

Ref: PH150

Braided Steel Cable 2.1m x 15mm 152C

Ref: PH152

40mm Brass Padlock 100mm Hasp/Staple

Ref: PHS101

Medium Weight Hasp & Staple EHS135

Ref: PHS135

Heavy Duty Hasp & Staple AHS188

Ref: PHS188

70mm Discus Padlock/Hasp/Staple PHS200

Ref: PHS200

Multipack of 4 x 20mm "K/A" Brass Padlocks BPL422

Ref: PL105

Multipack of 4 x 40mm "K/A" Brass Padlocks BPL444

Ref: PL106

Sterling Comb Lock Brass 30mm 3 Dial CPL130

Ref: PL107

Sterling Comb Lock Brass Plated 50mm 4 Dial CPL151

Ref: PL108

Combination Locking Slide Bolt CLB110BK

Ref: PL110

Burg Wachter Profi Padocks (116) 40mm

Ref: PL11640

Burg Wachter Profi K/Alike Padlocks 40mm (Z1)

Ref: PL11640K

Burg Wachter Profi Padocks (116) 50mm

Ref: PL11650

Burg Wachter Profi K/Alike Padlocks 50mm (Z1)

Ref: PL11650K

Burg Wachter Padlock 60mm

Ref: PL11660

Burg Wachter Profi K/Alike Padlocks 60mm (Z1)

Ref: PL11660K

70mm Discus Padlock (Sterling) SPL100

Ref: PL120

30mm Economy Brass Padlock BPL130

Ref: PL130

30mm Brass Double Locking Padlock BPL132

Ref: PL132

40mm Economy Brass Padlock BPL140

Ref: PL140

40mm Brass Double Locking Padlock BPL142

Ref: PL142

Sterling W/proof 49mm Lam P/Coated P/Lock WPL148

Ref: PL149

50mm Economy Brass Padlock BPL150

Ref: PL150

50mm Brass Double Locking P/Lock BPL152

Ref: PL152

Sterling W/proof 58mm Lam P/Coated P/lock WPL157

Ref: PL158

60mm Brass Double Lock P/Lock BPL162

Ref: PL162

70mm C/S/ Padlock Weather Resistant CSP170

Ref: PL168CS

70mm S/Steel Disc Comb P/lock CPL170

Ref: PL170

55mm Laminated Steel Padlock C/S LPL152C

Ref: PL171

91mm D/Slotted Armoured Padlock (ASP290)

Ref: PL290

Sterling P/lock Twinpack 40mm K/A BPL442

Ref: PL442

Sterling 50mm Brass K/A P/lock BPL452

Ref: PL452

Security Anchor GA1

Ref: PL77