Wholesalers of Squire Padlocks

We hold good stocks on Squire Padlocks which includes their all weather Combination Padlocks, Hasp and Staple, Gate Chain, Double Deadlock Stronghold Locks, and Keyed Alike Padlocks.

Diskus Close Shackled Padlock

Ref: PL100

No 35 1 1/2 Padlock

Ref: PL15

No 37 1 3/4 Padlock

Ref: PL16

All Weather Comb Padlock (CP60)

Ref: PL160

All Weather Comb L/S P/lock (CP60/2.5)

Ref: PL161

All Weather Comb C/S Padlock (CP60CS)

Ref: PL165

No 37 Padlock Closed Shackle

Ref: PL16CS

No 39 2" Squire Padlock

Ref: PL17

No 39 Closed Shackle Padlock

Ref: PL17CS

No 220 1 1/2 Old Eng Padlock

Ref: PL18

No 440 2" Old Eng Padlock

Ref: PL19

Squire LN4 Keyed Alike Lse Stk

Ref: PL2

No 660 2 1/2" Old Eng Padlock

Ref: PL20

No 550 2" Brass Old Eng P/Lock

Ref: PL25

LN4 2 1/2 Long Shackle Padlock

Ref: PL30

LN2 25mm Solid Brass Padlock

Ref: PL33

LN3 30mm Solid Brass Padlock

Ref: PL34

LN4 40mm Solid Brass Padlock

Ref: PL35

LN5 50mm Solid Brass Padlock

Ref: PL36

LN60 60mm Solid Brass Padlock

Ref: PL37

No 39 2" Keyed Alike Padlock

Ref: PL39KA

All Weather Combination Padlock (CP40)

Ref: PL40

All Weather Combi L/Shackle Padlock (CP40/2.5)

Ref: PL41

All Weather Combination C/Shackle Padlock (CP40CS)

Ref: PL42

LN4 Keyed Alike Twin Pack

Ref: PL4KA

CP36 900mm Med Weight Chain

Ref: PL60

CP48 1200mm Med Weight Chain

Ref: PL61

G4 1200mm Hi Security Chain

Ref: PL66

SS50CS Closed Double Deadlock

Ref: PL72

SS50S Open Double Deadlock P/l

Ref: PL73

Squire Stronghold Combination Lock, 5 Wheel 75mm

Ref: PL78

CP50 50mm Combination Padlock

Ref: PL80

CP50CS Closed Shackle Padlock

Ref: PL80CS

CP50/1.5 Comb Padlock

Ref: PL81

Mystic Comb lock 2 1/2 shackle (CP50/2.5)

Ref: PL82

No 8 Hasp & Staple

Ref: PL91

No 6H L/Weight Hasp & Staple

Ref: PL92