Wholesalers of Squeegees and Boot Cleaning Sundries

We hold good stocks on Straight and Curved Squeegees,also Replacement Rubber Blades and Sundries.

We also stock Salmon Squeegees and Replacement Rubber Blades.

We offer a Plastic Boot Puller and a Boot Jack and Cleaner as well as a Boot Scraper Mat.

Boot Remover (BP2)

Ref: BP2

Multi-Shifter HD Plastic

Ref: HT67

Happy Pooch Doormat

Ref: MAT1

Coco Doormat 700 x 400 x 35mm (BR7)

Ref: MAT5

DUE 13/12/19 Coco Doormat Best Quality (700 x 400 x 20mm)

Ref: MAT8

14" Straight Squeegee

Ref: SQ1

34"Curved Squeegee

Ref: SQ10

14" Rep Rubber Blades (4 Hole)

Ref: SQ11

18" Rep Rubber Blades (5 Hole)

Ref: SQ12

22" Rep Rubber Blades (6 Hole)

Ref: SQ13

22" Metal Squeegee Strips

Ref: SQ13ST

26" Rep Rubber Blades (7 Hole)

Ref: SQ14

26" Metal Squeegee Strips

Ref: SQ14ST

30" Rep Rubber Blades (8 Hole)

Ref: SQ15

30" Metal Squeegee Strips

Ref: SQ15ST

34" Rep Rubber Blades (9 Hole)

Ref: SQ16

34" Metal Squeegee Strips

Ref: SQ16ST

24" Squeegee GALVANISED

Ref: SQ17

24" Rep.Rubbers

Ref: SQ17A

32" Squeegee GALVANISED

Ref: SQ18

32" Rep Rubber

Ref: SQ18A

18" Straight Squeegee

Ref: SQ2

Boot Jack & Cleaner

Ref: SQ20

Rep Brush for Boot Jack

Ref: SQ21

Boot Scraper Mat

Ref: SQ22

Squeegee Brackets c/w N & Bolt

Ref: SQ25

Nuts & Bolts for Rubbers

Ref: SQ26

22" Straight Squeegee

Ref: SQ3

Snow & Ice Shifter

Ref: SQ35

26" Straight Squeegee

Ref: SQ4

26" UK Made Winged Squuegee

Ref: SQ40

34" UK Made Winged Squeegee

Ref: SQ41

30" Straight Squeegee

Ref: SQ5

34" Straight Squeegee

Ref: SQ6

26" Curved Squeegee c/w RE Bracket

Ref: SQ67

30" Curved Squeegee c/w RE Bracket

Ref: SQ68

OFFER SQ69C 34" Curved Squeegee c/e RE Bracket

Ref: SQ69

22" Curved Squeegee

Ref: SQ7

26" Squeegee Rubber Blade

Ref: SQ77

30" Squeegee Rubber Blade

Ref: SQ78

34" Squeegee Rubber Blade

Ref: SQ79

26" Curved Squeegee

Ref: SQ8

30" Curved Squeegee

Ref: SQ9