Wholesalers of Sprayers

We stock Matabi Sprayers, the range includes Knapsack Sprayers, Shoulder Slung Sprayers and Hand Sprayers. We also keep a vast range of spares and some do not appear on the website, so please ask if you have a special request.

We also stock the IK Teat Sprayer which is a new product on the market for the prevention of cracked teats and mastitis in the milking process.

Conical Hood

Ref: ACP1

Style 1.5 Matabi Sprayer

Ref: ACP10

Berry 1.5Ltr Hand Sprayer

Ref: ACP10B

Berry 7 Matabi Sprayer (5ltr)

Ref: ACP11B

Super Green 12 Litre Matabi Sprayer

Ref: ACP14

Evolution 16 Sprayer

Ref: ACP15

Super Agro 16 Litre Matabi Sprayer

Ref: ACP16

Matabi Evolution Agro Sprayer 20ltr

Ref: ACP17

Lance Extension 0.5M for Matabi Sprayer

Ref: ACP2

Matabi Electric Evolution LTC 15ltr Sprayer

Ref: ACP22

Polyminor Duster

Ref: ACP28

Herbicide Elbow for Matabi Sprayer

Ref: ACP3

Super-Agro/Green Repair Kit

Ref: ACP4

Matabi Chrome Plated Lance c/w Trigger

Ref: ACP5

Set Assorted Nozzles for Sprayers

Ref: ACP7

Complete Lance for Berry 7, Kima9 and 12

Ref: ACP8

Easy Sprayer 5ltr Shoulder Slung

Ref: EASY1

12ltr Industrial Knapsack Sprayer

Ref: IK12BS

IK Foaming Sprayer FOAM PRO 12

Ref: IK13

IK 1ltr Teat Sprayer

Ref: IK8

6 Litre Capacity Industrial Shoulder Slung Sprayer

Ref: IK9

KIMA 8 Litre Shoulder Slung Sprayer

Ref: KIMA12

KIMA9 6 Litre Shoulder Slung Sprayer

Ref: KIMA9

1.8ltr Sprayer Pump Action

Ref: PS4002

15ltr Knapsack Sprayer Dimartino

Ref: PS4005

Tele Lance c/w Trigger


NEW PRICE Disposable Spray Suit Medium

Ref: SAF46

NEW PRICE Disposable Spray Suit Large

Ref: SAF47

Hand Sprayer (0.75 Litre)

Ref: VP6C