Wholesalers of Spades

We stock an extensive range of Spades, our range includes products from True Temper and Bulldog as well as the Tarka range.

If you are looking for a Border Spade then we stock the Bulldog Border Spade (BDG47) or we can offer a couple different options in the Tarka Range. The Tarka Border Spades give you the choice of either a standard YD handle or a more Ergonomic handle.

We offer a variety of True Temper Digging Spades, types include models from their Harmony, Eagle and AMES ranges.

As well as Standard gardening type spades, the Tarka range of Spades also includes Rabbiting Spades and All Steel Newcastle Drain Spades as well as Tubular Long Handled Fencing and Grafting Spades. 

Bulldog Digging Spade

Ref: BDG45

Bulldog Border Spade

Ref: BDG47

Bulldog Newcastle Draining Spade

Ref: BDG49

DUE MID APRIL Bulldog Rabbitting Spade

Ref: BDG53

Eagle Digging Spade

Ref: EGL10

Grafting Spade Long Tubular Handle

Ref: FA15

Tubular Fencing Spade 54"Hdl

Ref: FA20

16" Newcastle Drain Spade All Steel MYD Hdl

Ref: FA21

Harmony SS Planting Spade

Ref: HAR13

Harmony SS Digging Spade

Ref: HAR6

Harmony SS Border Spade

Ref: HAR7

Darby Poly Fibre Forged Digging Spade D Grip

Ref: HT301

Darby Poly Fibre Drain Spade O/S D Grip

Ref: HT304

Darby Forged Irish Spade Steel D Grip

Ref: HT310

Darby Forged Digging Spade Large Head steel d Grip

Ref: HT311

Darby Poly Fibre Digging Spade D Handle

Ref: HT332

Solid Socket Treaded Digging Spade Wdn Hdl

Ref: HT400

All Steel Garden Spade MYD

Ref: HT400S

Rabbiting Spade MYD Grip

Ref: HT44

Digging Spade Wood Handle D Grip

Ref: HT501

Border Spade Wood Handle D Grip

Ref: HT502

Planting Spade Wooden Handle

Ref: HT506

Digging Spade Fibre Glass Handle

Ref: HT521

Planting Spade Fibre Glass Handle

Ref: HT523

Border Spade S/S Ash Ergo PYD Handle

Ref: TKA31

Garden Digging Spade S/S Ash Ergo PYD

Ref: TKA33

Border Spade Wooden YD Handle

Ref: TKA47

Digging Spade Wooden YD Handle

Ref: TKA49