Wholesalers of Snow Shovels

We keep a good supply of Snow Shovels, that we have in stock all year round.

Our range includes shovels from Harold Moore, Drivall and Bulldog and come with plastic or wooden handles. The PSH4, PSH5 & PSH9 plastic shovels are very good quality and give you the option of either T handle or YD handle.

If you are looking for something with a wooden handle then we offer three different options, the PSH25 & PSH22 come as 2 parts (blade and handle) for easy assembly, we also offer a slightly larger version of these in the PSH23 which has a 39cm blade.

We also have a range of Poly Shovels with a metal strip along the end, this is to provent wear and also is useful for breaking ice. These come with a Wooden YD handle and are supplied made up.


Large H.D. Poly "Scoop Type" Snow Shovel

Ref: PSH20

Poly Snow Shovel "Large" Long Wd Hdl

Ref: PSH23

Poly Snow Shovel Yellow Blade C/W HDL NEW

Ref: PSH25

Poly Shvl 99x32x25 T Grip

Ref: PSH4

Poly Shvl 103x36x31 T Grip

Ref: PSH5

Large Poly Shovel c/w Wdn Hdl -GDAPS

Ref: PSH10

Poly Shovel "Large"

Ref: PSH9

97341 Plastic Snow Shovel Wooden Handle Plastic D Top

Ref: PSH15