Wholesalers of Shovels Agricultural, Contractors and Gardening

We stock a good range of Shovels and Spades. Our Bulldog range includes digging and border spades as well as the larger shovels for everyday use.

We offer a selection of household coal shovels, ideal for those Autumn and Winter months.

Our Poly Shovels come in a variety of sizes and some are used as snow shovels.

The Tarka range offers a varied selection of shovels including a gardening range and we stock a good variety of Alloy and Contractors Shovels together with a Gully Bowl and Drain Scoop.

True Temper Tools offer a range  of products which includes Grain Shovels along with a variety of Shovels with long and short handles.

Bulldog No 4 Shovel D Grip

Ref: BDG42

Bulldog West Country Shovel

Ref: BDG52

Harmony SS Border Spade

Ref: HAR7

No 4 Shovel Wd Hdl D Grip

Ref: HT12

Harmony SS Digging Spade

Ref: HAR6

Bulldog Digging Spade

Ref: BDG45

Poly Shovel "Large"

Ref: PSH9

Light Economy Shovel

Ref: PSH8

Poly Hand Shovel 53 x 32cm

Ref: PSH7

Poly Shvl 103x36x31 T Grip

Ref: PSH5

Poly Shvl 99x32x25 T Grip

Ref: PSH4

Poly Grain Shovel MYD Hdl

Ref: HT21

Poly Snow Shovel Yellow Blade C/W HDL NEW

Ref: PSH25

Large Poly Shovel c/w Wdn Hdl -GDAPS

Ref: PSH10

Eagle D Top Square Mouth Shovel

Ref: EGL28

Bulldog Border Spade

Ref: BDG47

West Country Shovel Lg Wd Hdl

Ref: HT20

No 10 Alloy Shvl T Wdn Hdl

Ref: HT23

Poly Grain Shovel MYD Hdl

Ref: HT21

Aluminium Grain Shovel YD Hdl

Ref: HT22

No 6 Alloy Shovel Wdn T Hdl

Ref: HT24

Solid Socket Treaded Digging Spade Wdn Hdl

Ref: HT400

BULLDOG Household Coal Shvl 5" hdl

Ref: HT26

BULLDOG Household Coal Shvl 4" Hdl

Ref: HT26A

BULLDOG Household Shvl 9"x7"Wdn Hdl

Ref: HT27

H.D Galvanised Hand Shovel

Ref: HT39

Rabbiting Spade MYD Grip

Ref: HT44

Large H.D. Poly "Scoop Type" Snow Shovel

Ref: PSH20

No 8 Alloy Shovel Wdn T Hdl

Ref: HT19

Bulldog No4 Shovel T Handle

Ref: BDG54

Gully Bowl 6" Diameter, 6"Hdl

Ref: HT82

Bulldog No 6 Shovel D Grip

Ref: BDG43

No 6 Alloy Shovel Long Wdn Hdl

Ref: HT25

Poly Snow Shovel "Large" Long Wd Hdl

Ref: PSH23

Poly Shovel D Handle

Ref: PSH3

Tubular Fencing Spade 48"Hdl

Ref: FA20

16" Newcastle Drain Spade All Steel MYD Hdl

Ref: FA21

All Steel Garden Spade MYD

Ref: HT400S

"Tubtrug" Poly Shovel PINK

Ref: PSH30

"Tubtrug" Poly Shovel PURPLE

Ref: PSH31

"Tubtrug" Poly Shovel SKY BLUE

Ref: PSH32

8" Gully Bowl c/w 72" Ash Handle

Ref: HT84

Square Mouth Shovel Wood Handle d Grip

Ref: HT505

Round Pointed Shovel Long Wooden Handle

Ref: HT507

Round Point Shovel Fibre Glass Handle

Ref: HT524

Square Mouth Shovel Fibre Glass Handle D Grip

Ref: HT525

Celery Shovel 32" T Wooden Handle


Round Pointed Shovel Wooden Handle D Grip

Ref: HT508

Bulldog Plastic Utility Shovel

Ref: PSH41

Bulldog Plastic Utility Shovel

Ref: PSH41

Bulldog Contractor Shovel Tapered Mouth 28" Metal YD Hdl

Ref: BDG61

Bulldog Square Mouth Contractor Shovel 28" Metal YD Hdl

Ref: BDG60

Bulldog Square Mouth L/w/Handled Shovel

Ref: BDG62

No 6 Shovel T Handle

Ref: SH6T

No 4 Open Socket Shovel T Grip

Ref: SH4T

No 2 Open Socket Shovel T Hdl

Ref: SH2T

No 2 Open Skt Shovel D (BUDGET

Ref: SH2

No 8 Shovel Wood T Handle

Ref: SH15T

No 4 Shovel Long Wooden Hdl

Ref: SH13

No 2 Round Mouth Shovel S/S 28" T Ash Hdl

Ref: RC16

Contrac Shovel Sq Mouth All Metal MYD

Ref: RC14

Cont Shovel All Metal MYD Hdl Tap Mouth

Ref: RC12

Cont.Shovel Taper Mouth T Hdl NEW

Ref: RC11

Drain Scoop, Pull Type c/w 72" Handle


Cont.Shovel Square Mouth T Hdl NEW

Ref: RC10

Garden Digging Spade S/S Ash Ergo PYD

Ref: TKA33

Irish Shovel True Temper 48" Long Hdl

Ref: S401

Border Spade S/S Ash Ergo PYD Handle

Ref: TKA31

Push Drain Scoop 4" x 16" Blade c/w 72" Ash Handle


Purple 4 Tined T Handle Manure Fork

Ref: RG31