Wholesalers of Shears, Pruners and Loppers

We stock a good range of Pruners, Loppers and Shears, our range includes brands such as Berger, True Temper and Blackspur.

Multi Scissor - VICTORIA

Ref: 0765

Profiline Hedge Shears - VICTORIA

Ref: 0777

Profiline Lopping Shear GA54

Ref: 1020

Profiline Lopping Shears GA72

Ref: 1027

NEW PRICE Pruner (Berger)

Ref: 1200

NEW PRICE Pruner (Berger)

Ref: 1700

NEW PRICE Pruner (Berger)

Ref: 1760

NEW PRICE Anvil Pruner Belt Case (Berger)

Ref: 1902

Secateur Bypass - VICTORIA

Ref: 2002

Secateur - VICTORIA

Ref: 2006

Secateur - VICTORIA

Ref: 2008

14" G Man Curved Pruning Saw with Holster

Ref: 2321

Berger Small Topiary Shears

Ref: 2510

12" G Man Straight Pruning Saw with Holster

Ref: 3431

8" G Man Straight Pruning Saw with Holster

Ref: 3432

HD Pole Pruner Head

Ref: 4039

NEW PRICE Lopping Shear (Berger)

Ref: 4160

NEW PRICE Lopping Shear (Berger)

Ref: 4165

NEW PRICE Lopping Shears Dynamic

Ref: 4175

NEW PRICE Classic Lopping Shear

Ref: 4195

NEW PRICE Berger Lopping Shears NEW

Ref: 4245

NEW PRICE Berger Lopping Shears

Ref: 4260

NEW PRICE Anvil Lopping Shear Berger

Ref: 4272

NEW PRICE Lopping Shears (Berger)

Ref: 4360

NEW PRICE Berger Shears Long Wooden Handle

Ref: 4440

NEW PRICE Hedge Shear (Berger)

Ref: 4490

NEW PRICE Hedge Shear (Wave Edge) Berger

Ref: 4590

NEW PRICE Pruning Saw Wd Hdl (Berger) (61512)

Ref: 61412

NEW PRICE Folding Saw 240 (Berger)

Ref: 64670

NEW PRICE Pruning Saw

Ref: 64750

NEW PRICE Berger Curved Pruning Saw

Ref: 64850

Expert Medium Bypass Pruner 25mm Cut

Ref: DP1030A

Expert Anvil Pruner 20mm Cut

Ref: DP1035

Sabre Tooth Folding Saw

Ref: DP118

Expert Long Professional Shears

Ref: DP1400

Bypass Pruner

Ref: DP30

Telescopic Ratchet Lopper

Ref: DP474A

Telescopic Hedge Shears

Ref: DP810

Flip-Lok Telescopic Edging Shears

Ref: DP812

Eagle Hedge Shear

Ref: EGL25

Pruner Display Pack

Ref: GT101

Telescopic Ratchet Lopping Shear-NEW

Ref: GT104

NEW DESIGN Telescopic Lopping Shear

Ref: GT106

Hedge Shear Telescopic Handles

Ref: GT113

NEW PRICE - Ratchet Pruner Display Pack

Ref: GT116

NEW DESIGN Hedge Shears Telescopic

Ref: GT134

Small Bypass Pruner

Ref: PR15

Large Bypass Pruner

Ref: PR45

Anvil Lopper 1.5 Telescopic Hdl

Ref: TAL10

Bypass Lopper, 1.5 Telescopic Hdl

Ref: TBL20

Edging Shear. Telescopic Hdl

Ref: TES50

Hedge Shear. Telescopic Hdl

Ref: THS30

Anvil Lopper 2". Telescopic Hdl

Ref: TRAL75