Wholesalers of Shavings Forks

We stock a wide range of Shaving Forks from brands such as Harold Moore, True Temper and Fynalite.

Our Fynalite range consists of a variety of shaving forks with metal and hardwood handles and metal prongs in different sizes. The SHV12 Shaving fork has been designed to be used on rubber stable matting, instead of prongs it has loops so mats will not get pearced.

We also supply a good quality long handled skip and scoop, which comes from Fynalite (SHV20), also available in our Fynalite range is the multiweeda fork (MWTB). 

Our range also includes poly forks suitable for cleaning out shavings, the SHV4 comes with a complete poly YD handle whilst the SHV17 comes with a long wooden handle.

Shaving Fk c/w Hdl

Ref: HT30

Multi Weeda Fork with D Handle


Shavings Fork c/w Brackets HEAD ONLY

Ref: HT30HO

Fyna-Lite Shaving Fork Softex Grip (301L)

Ref: SHV10

Mini Mucka Fork BLUE

Ref: SHV18B

Shaving Fork D Hdl (Fynalite)

Ref: SHV8

Fyna-Lite "Funky Fork"

Ref: SHV15

Fyna-Lite Fork (Use on Rubber Mats) (RML)

Ref: SHV12

Fyne-Lite Multi Muck Shaving Fork (10PL)

Ref: SHV11

Fynalite Extra Light Shavings Fork

Ref: SHV16

Large Utility Poly Fork

Ref: SHV17

Mini Mucka Fork PINK

Ref: SHV18

Shavings Fork c/w Hdl (Fynalite)

Ref: SHV9