Wholesalers of Scythes, Slashers, Hooks and Choppers

Our Scythes, Slashers and Hooks range includes a vast range of products.

One of the most popular ranges we do, are the A Morris & Son Hook and Hand Tool range that are built very well and are a good quality product. The Morris range of hooks includes the Newtown, Knighton, Devon, Llandeilo and Yorkshire Pattern Bill Hooks as well as the Long Handled Single Edge and Double Edged Slashers, General Pattern Slashers and the Curved Blade Brushing Hooks.

We also keep the Utility range of Bill Hooks and Slashers from Richard Carters.

Also very popular are the Turk range of Scythes and Blades, we can offer a selection of different size blades including the TK10 50cm Bramble Blade, TK11 Standard 55cm Blade and the TK12 Extra Long 75cm Blade. 

We offer a selection of Scythe Handles, the Standard Turk Snaith (TK1) will fit all of the Turk Blades, we also offer Alpine and Wooden Snaiths.

Our range also includes Lightweight Tubular Scythettes, Straight Type Draw Knives, Little Giant Grass Hooks and Dashel Bashers.

Single Edge Bill Hook

Ref: BBT10

Double Edge Bill Hook

Ref: BBT12

Double Edge Slasher B/BROS

Ref: BBT4

Single Edge Dunse Type Slasher B/BROS

Ref: BBT5

General Pattern Slasher

Ref: BBT6

Carborundum Scythe Stone Cigar

Ref: GT50

Carborundum Stone Boat Shape

Ref: GT51

Grass Nail

Ref: H135

Blade only Scythette & G Hook

Ref: H25B

UNAVAILABLE AT PRESENT Bulldog Little Giant Grass Hook 15"

Ref: H56S

Alpine 45cm Bramble Blade

Ref: H581

Alpine Scythe Handle Only

Ref: H582

Alpine 60cm Blade

Ref: H583

Dashel Basher

Ref: H58S

Bracket Only for Alpine Scythe

Ref: 65992

Alpine Scythe with Folding Blade

Ref: H587

Darby Ring & Bolt Slasher

Ref: HT333


Ref: DP755

Blackdown Forge Brushing Hook

Ref: BDF3

Blackdown Forge Single Edge Bill Hook Newtown Pattern

Ref: BDF8

Scythe Bracket for H589

Ref: 65991

12" Brocolli Knife

Ref: BBT15

Blackdown Forge Double Edge Bill Hook

Ref: BDF7

Bulldog Tubular Scythette

Ref: H150

Wet/Dry Sharpening Stones

Ref: 65959

Spare Attachment Clamp

Ref: TK3

Turk Scythe Blade (55cm)

Ref: TK11

Turk Scythe Bramble Blade (50cm)

Ref: TK10

Turk Scythe Snaith

Ref: TK1

Turk Scythe c/w Std Grass Blade

Ref: TK6

Turk Scythe c/w Bramble Blade

Ref: TK8

16" Serrated Sickle

Ref: H716