Wholesalers of Screwdrivers, Riveters and Wire Brushes

We stock a good range of Screw Drivers,Wire Brushers and Riveters.

Our Screwdriver range includes 4", 6" & 8" Normal and Pozidrive Screwdrivers. We also keep in stock 8pc & 12pc Screwdriver Sets as well as a 7pc Electrician's Screwdriver Set.

We keep Crimped Steel and Twist Knot Cup Brushes in stock in a selection of sizes and we also have a range of different size Wire Brushes.

Hercules and Newsome Tool Hand Riveters are also available. 

Hand Riveter c/w 4 Heads & Ass Pop Rivets

Ref: 2060

8 pce Cabinet Screwdriver Set

Ref: 3260

12 pce Mechanics Screwdriver Set

Ref: 5012

8" Screwdriver

Ref: 6011

6" Pozi - Drive

Ref: 6019

8 pce Electricians Screwdriver Set

Ref: 9008

4 Row Wire Brush "Value Plus"

Ref: BM32

Wire Brush 2 Row H.D. (WS2)

Ref: BM33

WS4 Wire Brush 4 row

Ref: BM36

Wire Brush c/w scraper WS5

Ref: BM37

Wire Brush SPID

Ref: BM38

6" Screwdriver

Ref: 6012

4" Pozi - Drive

Ref: 6020

H D Hand Riveter

Ref: 2061

Wire Brush (802)

Ref: 802

120mm Steel Cut Brush

Ref: SCB7

100mm Steel Cut Brush

Ref: SCB6

75mm Wire Brush

Ref: SCB5

95mm Wire Brush

Ref: SCB3

70mm Wire Brush

Ref: SCB1