Wholesalers of Saws and Measuring Tape

Our range of Saws and Measuring Tapes includes a selection of different Hacksaws, both Standard and Junior are available and we keep replacement blades for each. We also keep 20" & 22" Handsaws in stock.

As well as a 30m Fibreglass Measuring Tape, 3m, 5m and 7.5m Globemaster Tape Measures are also available.

We also stock the H599 saw horse.

5m Globemaster Tape

Ref: 5020

H.D. Junior Hacksaw

Ref: 9006

3m Globemaster Tape

Ref: 5010

Junior Hacksaw Blades

Ref: HT2210

Junior Hacksaw HD

Ref: HT2208

Hacksaw c/w 12" Blade

Ref: HT2216

30M Fibre Glass Meas.Tape

Ref: HT3385

22" Hardpoint Handsaw

Ref: HT4133

7.5m Globemaster Tape

Ref: 5025

12" x 24 TBI Hacksaw Blade 100

Ref: HSB10-0

12" x 32 TBI Hacksaw Blade 100

Ref: HSB11-0

20" Tiger Handsaw

Ref: HT2214