Wholesalers of Sack Trucks

We offer a choice of Sack Trucks. The first comes with a P handle and is an American pattern 200kg load,

The second is a Ravendo Sack Truck, yellow with an extenable base.

Our last Sack Truck is from Fort, good value 250kg load and pneu tyres.

Ravendo Sacktruck Ergonomic Hdls NEW

Ref: WB42

Pneu Wheel for WB36 Sack Truck

Ref: WB37A

Sack Truck 200kgs Load USA Patt

Ref: WB36

Green Sack Truck 250kg (ALTRAD)

Ref: WB39

Green Sack Truck Extendable Base c/w Pneumatic wheels

Ref: WB58

Flat proof Wheel for WB36 Sack Truck

Ref: WB36FPW