Wholesalers of Ravendo Great Dane Barrows

We offer a good range of Ravendo Great Dane Wheelbarrows, our range also now includes Feed Barrows.

The Ravendo 'Great Dane' Range are good quality Wheelbarrows that are built to last. We can offer a 110ltr WB188 Multibarrow or a 140ltr WB185 Great Dane Barrow, each comes with a yellow painted frame, pneumatic 4 ply trye and a HD Galvanised Pan.

Our range also includes the painted Ravendo Wheelbarrows. These wheelbarrows are available as either a single wheel or twin wheel barrow and come with a red painted tray, yellow painted frame and 4 ply Pneumatic Tyres.

The latest addition to our range is the Ravendo Feed Barrow, which has a 200ltr capacity and has 4 solid tyres fitted with roller bearings.

All of the barrows in the Ravendo range are supplied as one piece.

Feed Barrow FW200-4

Ref: WB54

FLAT PACKED 140 Litre Wheel Barrow Galv Pan, Yellow Frame

Ref: WB185

Great Dane 175L Red Painted Pan

Ref: WB182