Wholesalers of Rakes

As a Wholesaler we stock a good selection of rakes suitable for gardeners, agricultural contractors and landscaping companies. We offer a range of Polypropylene Rakes together with Alloy Rakes and Asphalt/Tarmac Rakes.

Our range also includes a Wooden Hay Rake and Spazzle (spreader) 


Asphalt/Tarmac Rake 16 SQUARE Teeth Wd Hdl

Ref: 7253

Ashphalt/Tarmac Rake 16 ROUND Teeth Wd Hdl

Ref: 7253A

Tarmac Rake 16 Round Tooth Metal Handle

Ref: 7254

Tarmac Rake 16 Square Tooth Metal Handle

Ref: 7255

Landscape Rake Alumin and Hdl

Ref: AR36

Bulldog Springbok Lawn Rake 20 Tine

Ref: BDG10

DUE MAY Bulldog Plastic Leaf Rake

Ref: BDG12

Bulldog Garden Rake 48" Handle

Ref: BDG13

Bulldog Garden Rake 48" Handle

Ref: BDG13

Eagle Bow Rake

Ref: EGL16

Eagle Wire Rake

Ref: EGL17

Eagle 21" Poly Leaf Rake

Ref: EGL18

Harmony SS 14 Tined Bow Rake

Ref: HAR10

Harmony SS Wire Rake

Ref: HAR14

Wooden Hay Rake Bowed

Ref: HD95

Darby Bow Rake 15 Tooth Wooden Handle

Ref: HT325

Darby Multi Purpose Lawn Rake 20 Tine Light Weight

Ref: HT326

Darby Lawn Rake 24 Tooth Flat Tine

Ref: HT327

Darby 18 Tooth Weldless Lawn Rake Wd Hdl

Ref: HT328

Bow Rake Long Wooden Handle

Ref: HT509

Leaf Rake Flat Tines Wooden Handle

Ref: HT510

Leaf Rake Wire Tines Wooden Handle

Ref: HT511

Thatching Rake Wooden Handle

Ref: HT517

Bow Rake 16 Tooth Fibre Glass Handle

Ref: HT526

Lawn/Park Rake c/w Hdl ( VICTORIA)

Ref: HT58V

Metal Rake 70cm 18 Teeth C/W 72" Handle

Ref: HT59

Alloy Rake 18 teeth c/w Hdl

Ref: HT60

18th Alloy Rake Head Only No Hdl

Ref: HT62

Hdl only for Alloy Rakes

Ref: HT63

Alloy Rake 12 teeth c/w Hdl

Ref: HT63A

Clog Free Rake c/w Wooden Handle

Ref: HT64

SHORT Tined Aluminium Rake c/w Handle

Ref: RAK01

22 Tine Wire Lawn Rake 54" Handle

Ref: TKA35

Plastic Rake 48 Tth/Lge c/w Hdl

Ref: VR28

Rake Plastic 16St Tth cw Hdl

Ref: VR29

Leaf/Grass Rake & Handle c/w Bk Support

Ref: VR30

Polyprop Rake & Hdl (Hay Rake)

Ref: VR32

Plastic Bunker Rake Short Teeth c/w Handle

Ref: VR34

Light Weight Rake Yellow Head cw Hdl

Ref: VR45

Rake and Fork PA Black c/w Handle

Ref: VR50

Rake and Fork Yellow

Ref: VR51