Wholesalers of Pocket Knives and Machettes

We keep a good variety of Pocket Knive an Machetes in Stock.

We stock a full card of Opinel Knives (OPD) as well as almost the entire range of Opinel knives individually (OP6,OP7,OP8,OP9,OP10 & OP12).

Our range of Pocket Knives are quite varied and include Hawk Bill Knives with either a plastic or wooden handle, Wooden Handled Lambsfoot Pocket Knives as well as H.D Plastic Handles pocket Knives. We also keep a selection of smaller handy Pocket Knives with plastic handles (KN1, KN2 & KN3)

Also avaible are Machettes and Jungle Knives which both complete with a sheath and are good quality Working Tools.

Lambsfoot Pocket Knife 70mm Blade

Ref: KN10

Jungle Knife only

Ref: KN14

18" Machette c/w Sheath

Ref: KN18

NEW PRICE 4" Pocket Knife Blue poly Hdl

Ref: KN3

Opinel Display Card

Ref: OPD

Hawkbill Purning Knife with Hook Nose

Ref: KN9

Opinel no10 Knife

Ref: OP10

No 6 Opinel Knife

Ref: OP6

Opinel no12 Knife

Ref: OP12

Opinel No 7 Knife

Ref: OP7

No 8 Opinel Knife

Ref: OP8

Opinel no9 Knife

Ref: OP9

Jungle Knife c/w Sheath & File

Ref: KN12

Ceka Lambsfoot Knives

Ref: KN1

NEW PRICE Pocket Knives Assorted Colours (Box of 12)

Ref: KN32

12" Brocolli Knife

Ref: BBT15