Wholesalers of Plumbing

We stock a good range of plumbing fittings, which include Ball Valves, Bib Taps, Stopcocks, Full Bore Lever Valves, Eurostop Check Footvalve and Strainer, Gate Valves, Washing Machine Valves, Ball Valve Arms, Floats and various Ball Valve Spares.

Green Plastic Seats 1/2" LP (1/2" X 3/8") pk10

Ref: BV51A

1/2" HP Ball Valves

Ref: BV1

4 1/2" Floats

Ref: BV10

1/2" Flat Tap Washer

Ref: BV100

3/4" Flat Tap Washer

Ref: BV103

5" Floats

Ref: BV10A

6" Floats

Ref: BV10B

Cylindrical Float for Pt II

Ref: BV10C


Ref: BV11

Ball Valve Repair Box

Ref: BV12B

Tap Washer Repair Box

Ref: BV12T

1/2" F & F Stopcock

Ref: BV15

3/4" F & F Stopcock

Ref: BV16

1/2" Strainer Only

Ref: BV17ST

3/4" Footvalve & Strainer

Ref: BV18

1" Footvalve & Strainer

Ref: BV19

1" Strainer Only

Ref: BV19ST

1/2" HP Ball Valves 3" Tail

Ref: BV1A

1/2"HP Ball Valv 3" Tail Pt II

Ref: BV1B

1/2" LP Ball Valves

Ref: BV2

1 1/4" Footvalve & Strainer

Ref: BV20

1 1/4" Strainer Only

Ref: BV20ST

2" Strainer Only

Ref: BV22ST

1/4"x1/4" Full Bore L/Valves

Ref: BV23

3/8" x 3/8" Full Bore L/valves

Ref: BV24

1/2"x1/2" Full Bore L/Valves

Ref: BV25

3/4"x3/4" Full Bore L/Valves

Ref: BV26

1"x1"Full Bore Lever Valves

Ref: BV27

1 1/4"x1 1/4" Full BoreL/Valve

Ref: BV28

1 1/2"x1 1/2"Full Bore L/Valve

Ref: BV29

1/2" LP Ball Valves 3" Tail

Ref: BV2A

3/4" HP Ball Valves

Ref: BV3

2"x2" Full Bore Lever Valves

Ref: BV30

3/4" LP Ball Valves

Ref: BV3A

3/4" HP Ball Valves 3" Tail

Ref: BV3B

8 3/4" x 1/2" Std B.Valve Arms

Ref: BV4

3/4" F & F Gate Valves

Ref: BV41

1" F & F Gate Valves

Ref: BV42

1 1/4" F & F Gate Valves

Ref: BV43

6" x 1/2"Ball Valve Arms

Ref: BV5

Washers 1/2" LP pk 10

Ref: BV50A

Plastic Seats 1/2"HP

Ref: BV51

Washers 1/2" HP pk 20

Ref: BV50

Plastic Pistons 1/2" HP

Ref: BV53

Cotter Pins for 1/2" PT1 Ball Valves

Ref: BV55

1/2" LP Ball Valve PTII

Ref: BV59

14" x 3/4" Ball Valve Arms

Ref: BV6

1/2" HP Ball Valves PTII

Ref: BV60

8 3/4" x 1/2 PT II BV Arms

Ref: BV60A

3/4" HP Ball Valves PTII

Ref: BV61

1/2" Tap c/w Dble Check Valve

Ref: BV62

3/4"Tap c/w Dble Check Valve

Ref: BV63

15mm x "" BSP Copper Wallplate Elbow

Ref: BV65

22mm x 3/4" BSP Copper Wallplate Elbow

Ref: BV66

Outdoor Tap Kit "" Tap

Ref: BV67

8 3/4" x 3/4" Ball Valve Arms for 3/4" B/Valve

Ref: BV6A

1/2" Hose Union Taps

Ref: BV7

3/4" x 15mm CP Angle

Ref: BV71

3/4" x 15mm x 15mm CP Tee

Ref: BV72

Loose Hose Union 1/2"

Ref: BV7A

3/4" Hose Union Taps

Ref: BV8

Washers 3/4" B/Valve HP/LP

Ref: BV80

Plastic Seats 3/4" HP

Ref: BV85

Plastic Seats 3/4" LP

Ref: BV86

Plastic Piston 3/4" HP/LP

Ref: BV88

Loose Hose Union 3/4"

Ref: BV8A

White Plastic Outlet for Pt 2 Ball Valve

Ref: BV96

Brass Back Nuts For "" BSP Ball Valves

Ref: BV97

Poly Back Nuts For "" BSP Ball Valve

Ref: BV98

Union Washers

Ref: BV54

Diaphragm Washer for PTII BV

Ref: BV95

1/2" Footvalve & Strainer

Ref: BV17

3/4" Strainer Only

Ref: BV18ST

1 1/2" Footvalve & Strainer

Ref: BV21

1 1/2 Strainer Only

Ref: BV21ST

2" Footvalve & Strainer

Ref: BV22

1/2" F & F Gate Valves

Ref: BV40

1 1/2" F & F Gate Valve

Ref: BV44

Plastic Pistons 1/2" LP

Ref: BV53A

Cotter Pins for 3/4" B.Valve

Ref: BV56

Cotter Pins for PT II B Valve

Ref: BV57

3/4" x 15mm CP Straight

Ref: BV70

2" F & F Gate Valves

Ref: BV45

3/4" LP Ball Valve c/w 3" Tail

Ref: BV3C

Plumbers O Ring Box (Red)

Ref: BV12R

Plumbers Rubber & Fibre Washer Repair Kit (Orange)

Ref: BV12W