Wholesalers of Pliers, Cutting, Grips and Pincers

Our Pliers, Cutting, Grips and Pincers range consists of a huge variety of products from a wide selection of suppliers.

We stock Heavy Duty German Made Bolt Cutters from Orbis which are available in 250mm and 330mm, as well as the Hilka range of Bolt Cutters which are available in 8", 14", 18" & 24". We also keep Tin Snips in stock in 10" and 12".

We keep a vast selection of Pliers, the range includes Water Pump Pliers 10",12" and 16", 7" & 8" Combination Pliers and also Front Cutter, Side Cutter and Long Nose Pliers.

The range also includes G Clamps which are available in sizes 2", 3", 4", 6" & 8".


DUE LATE JUNE 7" Side Cutters

Ref: 2650

DUE LATE JUNE8" Long Nose Pliers

Ref: 2660

8" Combination Pliers

Ref: 2670

9" Long Nose Vice Grip

Ref: 3409

3 pce Wrench Set

Ref: 3503

10" Curved jaw Locking Wrenches Pro Craft

Ref: 3510

G - Clamp, 2"

Ref: 38120

DUE MID JUNE Tinsnips, 10", Aviation

Ref: 39103

Orbis Front Cutter Hard Wire 200mm

Ref: 39200

G Clamp 3"

Ref: 5003

G Clamp 4"

Ref: 5004

G Clamp 6"

Ref: 5006

G Clamp 8"

Ref: 5008

7" Combination Pliers

Ref: 5060

6" Long Nosed Pliers

Ref: 5070

Trimming Knife Globemaster

Ref: 5120

Orbis H D Pliers Round 200mm

Ref: 51201

Trimming Knife HD Globemaster

Ref: 5125

Folding Trimming Knife

Ref: 5130

DUE LATE JUNE 16" Water Pump Pliers

Ref: 8016

10" Water Pump Pliers

Ref: 9011

12" Water Pump Pliers

Ref: 9012

250mm Tinsnips (10")

Ref: 90250

Orbis Pocket Bolt Cutter 250mm

Ref: 97125

Orbis Bolt Cutter 330mm

Ref: 97133

Combination Plier 220mm

Ref: C0409

Long Nose Pliers 160mm

Ref: CO504

24" Bolt Cutter

Ref: HT1071

14" Bolt Cutter

Ref: HT1074

18" Bolt Cutter

Ref: HT1075

8"Mini Bolt Cutter Profess.

Ref: HT1102

Wire Snips 8" "Hilka"

Ref: HT6608

PVC Pipe Cutter

Ref: HT7600

Spare Blade for Trimming Knife pk 5

Ref: KB302

CK Wire & Cable Cutters

Ref: T3744