Wholesalers of Picks, Mattocks and Chillington Hoes

Our Picks, Mattocks and Chillington Hoe range offers a good selection of different products.

Our Mattock and Pick Head Selection offers a choice of either the Grubbing Head, the English Mattock cross & Chisel Head or the Chisel Point Pick Head.

We also offer a range of Chillington Hoes that all come complete with a handle. We keep in stock the Trenching Hoe,  The Light Hoe, The Ridging Hoe and we also keep the Chillingon Cantebury Fork as well.

We also keep in stock replacement handles to suit all of the Chillington Hoes and we also stock the Visa Tools 4lb Carpenters Adze c/w Handle and the Martindale Double Headed Hoe. 

Chillington "Baby Hoe" c/w Handle

Ref: H789

36" Pick Handle Hardwood

Ref: HD23

Pick Handle Hickory 36"

Ref: HD23H

Pick Mattock Head

Ref: HT74

Pick Head Chisel Point

Ref: HT75

Grubbing Mattock Head

Ref: HT76

4lb Carpenters Adze C/W Handle

Ref: HT77

English Mattock Cross & Chisel

Ref: HT779

Double Headed Hoe c/w Handle

Ref: HT783

Chillington Trenching Hoe Std Size c/w Handle

Ref: HT785

Chillington Light Hoe c/w Handle

Ref: HT786

Chillington Canterbury Fork c/w handle

Ref: HT787

Ridging Hoe c/w Handle

Ref: HT788

48" 1 3/4" Chillington Hoe Handle Med eye

Ref: HD4

Scraper Wooden Handle

Ref: HT518

Bulldog Cutting Mattock c/w HD F/Glass Handle

Ref: BDG88