Wholesalers of Neosorexa Products

A BASIS certificate is required to purchase all Neosorexa 'Professional Use' bait.

Our Neosorexa Range is one of our best Selling Ranges, we keep a selection of different size for the loose Ready-to-Use bait, Sachets and Bait Blocks.

The Neosorexa Loose Bait is available in 3kg, 6kg and 10kg sizes, The Neosorexa Bait Blocks are available in  5kg buckets and the Bait Sachets come in 5kg buckets as well.

We also keep a Neosorexa Pasta Bait (SOR32) which is available in a 5kg bucket and a Storm Secure 5kg bucket of Waterproof Single Feed Blocks (SOR69). 


Sorexa Storm Ultra Secure Blocks 3KG

Ref: SOR32

BASF Storm Secure 3kg SINGLE

Ref: SOR69

Selontra Rat & Mouse Bait BLOCKS 3kg

Ref: SOR30

Selontra Rat & Mouse Bait BLOCKS 8KG

Ref: SOR31