Wholesalers of Lubricating Equipment

Our Lubricating Equipment range includes a variety of products such as Grease Guns (side handle and one hand operational guns available), Barrel Pumps and Metal Oil Cans.

We supply Complete Gravity Feed Hoses as well as replacement trigger Nozzles and Spare Hose that we sell in 4 metre lengths.

Grease Gun Side Lever Action

Ref: LUB1

Pressol Grease Chucks

Ref: LUB10

Hydraulic Chuck 4 Claw

Ref: LUB2

Gravity Feed Hose complete 4M

Ref: LUB20

Trigger Nozzle, c/w 1" Female Thread

Ref: LUB24

4 Mtr x 1" Diesel Del Hose only

Ref: LUB26

Lockable Angle Valve M & F

Ref: LUB27

Angle Stem only

Ref: LUB2A

Flex Grease Tube

Ref: LUB3

Rotary Barrel Pump

Ref: LUB315

Poly Rotary Barrel Pump

Ref: LUB316

Pressol Grease Tube and 4 Jaw Coupler 300mm

Ref: LUB3A

One Hand operated Grease Gun

Ref: LUB4

Barrel Pump 16litre 480-900mm

Ref: LUB5

Direct HP Lub System ,12.5 bkt

Ref: LUB55

Pressol Poly Oil Can 350ml c/w Flexi spout

Ref: LUB5A

Metal Oil Can 500ml Flexi Spt

Ref: LUB6

HD Prof Grease Gun

Ref: LUB8

Grease Gun Kit

Ref: LUB8480

1"Male Hose Tail M & F Brass

Ref: LUB90

Super Clamp for Holding Hose

Ref: LUB90A

Grease Gun

Ref: LUB96

Grease Gun

Ref: LUB97