Wholesalers of Lubricants

We can supply a wide range of different Lubricants including WD40, GT85 & Easy Start.

We offer a good selection of Morris Lubricants products. The range includes 2 & 4 Stroke Oils in 1ltr and 5ltr and Chainsaw Oil as well. We also supply the Morris Lubricant's Grease Cartridges in a Pack of 12. 

3 in 1 oil is available from us in a 100ml or 200ml can, and lubricating Sprays such as GT85 and Easy Start are also available.

The WD40 range that we keep is very popular, it also now includes their specialist range.

WD40 is available in 200, 400 and 600ml standard sizes, as well as in a 5ltr Container (w/applicator) and now also as a 400ml with a Smart Straw.

We now stock the WD40 Specialist Range as well. All of which are available as single 400ml Cans with a Smart Straw (500ml in the case of the Fast Acting De-Greaser) or as an outer pack of 12.

Easy Start Bradex Brand pk 12

Ref: LUB40

Ground Force 1 Litre Croma 30 Chain & Cutter Bar Oil

Ref: LUB210

Ground Force Universal 2 Stroke Oil 1Litre

Ref: LUB215

100ml 2HSS Semi-Synthetic Universal 2 Stroke Oil

Ref: LUB218

100ml 2HSS Semi-Synthetic Universal 2 Stroke Oil

Ref: LUB218-0

400grm K42 EP Grease (pk 12)

Ref: LUB220

GT85 Lubrication Spray 400ml (pk 12)

Ref: LUB29

WD40 5 Litre Container c/w App

Ref: LUB32

WD40 600ml Aerosol (pk 12) SP OFFER

Ref: LUB36

WD40 450ml Smart Straw Aerosol (pk 12)

Ref: LUB37

3-in-1 Oil, 200ml Flexi-Cans

Ref: LUB61

3 in 1 Oil 100ml Can

Ref: LUB60

WD40 H.P. Silicone Lubricant

Ref: LUB73

WD40 Fast Release Penetrant

Ref: LUB74

WD40 H. P. White Lithium Grease

Ref: LUB75

WD40 H.P. PTFE Lubricant

Ref: LUB76

WD40 Fast Drying Contact Cleaner

Ref: LUB77

WD40 Fast Acting Degreaser

Ref: LUB79

4 Stroke Engine Oil 5 Litre

Ref: LUB207

WD40 Anti-Friction Dry PTFE Lubricant

Ref: LUB78

3-in-1 Oil, 200ml Flexi-Cans PACK of 12

Ref: LUB61-0

GT85 Lubrication Spray 400ml PACK of 36

Ref: LUB29-0