Wholesalers of Lodi Rat Baits

The Lodi Rat Bait we keep is very popular.

As it is packed in smaller quantities it is suitable for selling to the General Public.

Our range includes the Jade Grain Bait which is supplied as a box of 10 x 150g Pouches. The Ruby Rat Bait Blocks which comes as a Box of 5 Pouches.

We also supply the Single Feed Sapphire Paste and Grain Rat bait these come in boxes of 10 Pouches each.

Jade Grain Display Box (150g x 10)

Ref: LOD10

Ruby Block Display Box (5 x 300g)

Ref: LOD12

Sapphire Grain Display Box (10 x 150g)

Ref: LOD14

Sapphire Paste Display Box (10 x 150g)

Ref: LOD15