Wholesalers of Teats and Live Stock Equipment

We hold good stocks of Lamb and Calf Teats along with a selection of Feeding Buckets. We also keep the Bucket Fitments, Washers and Teats for the Feeding Buckets.

We stock Castration Rings and the Castration Ring Applicators as well as Anti Kick Bars and spares.


Ref: HA20

Spring for Kick Bars 7mm

Ref: HA21

Spring New Type HD, 9mm

Ref: HA21HD

End Caps for Kick Bars

Ref: HA22

Anti Sucklers (spiked)

Ref: HA24

Plug in Lamb Teat

Ref: HA40

Pritchard Screw on Lamb Teat

Ref: HA41

Pull over Lamb Teat Latex

Ref: HA42

Lamb Teat Bkt Fit Red Moulded

Ref: HA43

Lamb Teat for Bkt Fitt Black Latex

Ref: HA44

White Moulded Calf Teats

Ref: HA46

Calf Teat for Bottle Feeding

Ref: HA47

Bkt Fitment c/w Ball Valve

Ref: HA50

Bkt Fitment washer only red pk 5

Ref: HA51

5 Hole Feed.Bkt c/w teats & bkt fitments

Ref: HA53

Feeding Bkt c/w 1 Teat & Fitment

Ref: HA54

Lamb bar fd bkt 6 teats&fitts

Ref: HA55

500ml Lamb Feeding Bottle c/w lamb teat

Ref: HA57

2L Lamb Feeding Bottle Only

Ref: HA58

Lamb Teat to fit Bucket HA55

Ref: HA60

Teat Valve to fit Bucket HA55

Ref: HA61

Castration Rings Bags of 100

Ref: HA70

Castration Rings. bags of 500

Ref: HA71

Castration Ring Applicator (Metal)

Ref: HA72