Wholesalers of Landscaping and Gardening Tools

We stock a large range of landscaping and gardening tools, we offer Rakes, Hoes, Lawn Edgers, Leaf Grabs, Riddles, Loppers, Pruners, Secateurs, Spazzle Spreader,Shears and Hand Trowels and Forks. Our range includes brand names Bulldog, Berger, Ames True Temper, Blackspur and Tarka.

Profiline Hedge Shears - VICTORIA

Ref: 0777

Profiline Lopping Shear GA54

Ref: 1020

Profiline Lopping Shears GA72

Ref: 1027

NEW PRICE Pruner (Berger)

Ref: 1200

NEW PRICE Pruner (Berger)

Ref: 1700

NEW PRICE Pruner (Berger)

Ref: 1760

NEW PRICE Anvil Pruner Belt Case (Berger)

Ref: 1902

NEW PRICE Lopping Shear (Berger)

Ref: 4160

NEW PRICE Lopping Shear (Berger)

Ref: 4165

NEW PRICE Lopping Shears Dynamic

Ref: 4175

NEW PRICE Classic Lopping Shear

Ref: 4195

NEW PRICE Berger Lopping Shears NEW

Ref: 4245

NEW PRICE Anvil Lopping Shear Berger

Ref: 4272

NEW PRICE Lopping Shears (Berger)

Ref: 4360

NEW PRICE Hedge Shear (Berger)

Ref: 4490

NEW PRICE Hedge Shear (Wave Edge) Berger

Ref: 4590

NEW PRICE Pruning Saw Wd Hdl (Berger) (61512)

Ref: 61412

NEW PRICE Folding Saw 240 (Berger)

Ref: 64670

NEW PRICE Pruning Saw

Ref: 64750

Garden Hoe - Victoria

Ref: 65875

Asphalt/Tarmac Rake 16 SQUARE Teeth Wd Hdl

Ref: 7253

Ashphalt/Tarmac Rake 16 ROUND Teeth Wd Hdl

Ref: 7253A

Tarmac Rake 16 Round Tooth Metal Handle

Ref: 7254

Tarmac Rake 16 Square Tooth Metal Handle

Ref: 7255

Telescopic Handle with Wdn Adapter

Ref: 74310

Landscape Rake Alumin and Hdl

Ref: AR36

Bulldog Springbok Lawn Rake 20 Tine

Ref: BDG10

Bulldog Wizard Lawn Rake 54" Handle

Ref: BDG11

DUE MAY Bulldog Plastic Leaf Rake

Ref: BDG12

Bulldog Garden Rake 48" Handle

Ref: BDG13

Bulldog Lawn Edger Wooden Handle

Ref: BDG20

Bulldog Lawn Edger Wooden Handle

Ref: BDG20

Premier Springbok Lawn Rake 48" Metal Handle

Ref: BDG28

Bulldog 5" Dutch Hoe 48" Handle

Ref: BDG32

Bulldog 6" Draw Hoe 48" Handle

Ref: BDG33

Hand Fork

Ref: CP21

Expert Bypass Lopper

Ref: DP1020

Expert Fine Bypass Lopper

Ref: DP1025

Expert Medium Bypass Pruner 25mm Cut

Ref: DP1030A

Expert Medium Bypass Pruner 18mm Cut

Ref: DP1032

Expert Anvil Pruner 20mm Cut

Ref: DP1035

Expert Drop Forged Shears

Ref: DP1210

Expert Long Professional Shears

Ref: DP1400

Bypass Pruner

Ref: DP30

Lightweight Shear 10"

Ref: DP401

Telescopic Ratchet Lopper

Ref: DP474A

Grab and Lift

Ref: DP556

Pole Saw (SabreTooth)

Ref: DP565

Alloy Telescopic Pole 5mtr

Ref: DP570

Geared Pruner Head

Ref: DP583

Big Hand Collectors

Ref: DP685

Telescopic Hedge Shears

Ref: DP810

Flip-Lok Telescopic Edging Shears

Ref: DP812

Perennial Shear

Ref: DP855

Eagle Dutch Hoe (12cm Wide)

Ref: EGL15

Eagle Bow Rake

Ref: EGL16

Eagle Wire Rake

Ref: EGL17

Eagle 21" Poly Leaf Rake

Ref: EGL18

Eagle Lawn Edger

Ref: EGL20

Eagle Hand Trowel

Ref: EGL21

Eagle Hand Fork

Ref: EGL22

Eagle Hedge Shear

Ref: EGL25

Eagle Lopper

Ref: EGL26

Pruner Display Pack

Ref: GT101

Telescopic Ratchet Lopping Shear-NEW

Ref: GT104

NEW DESIGN Telescopic Lopping Shear

Ref: GT106

Hedge Shear Telescopic Handles

Ref: GT113

Edging Shear

Ref: GT115

NEW PRICE - Ratchet Pruner Display Pack

Ref: GT116

NEW DESIGN Hedge Shears Telescopic

Ref: GT134

Beet Hoe Victoria Brand

Ref: GT5

Spare Blades for Victoria Beet Hoe

Ref: GT5B

Harmony SS 14 Tined Bow Rake

Ref: HAR10

Harmony SS Lawn Edger

Ref: HAR11

Harmony SS Lawn Edger

Ref: HAR11

Harmony SS Dutch Hoe

Ref: HAR12

Harmony SS Wire Rake

Ref: HAR14

Harmony SS Hand Fork

Ref: HAR15

Harmony SS Hand Trowel

Ref: HAR16

Wooden Hay Rake Bowed

Ref: HD95

Darby Lawn Edger Wd Hdl

Ref: HT329

Darby Lawn Edger Wd Hdl

Ref: HT329

Lawn Edger Wooden Handle

Ref: HT512

Dutch Hoe Wooden Handle

Ref: HT513

Draw Hoe Wooden Handle

Ref: HT514

Double Action Hoe Wooden Handle

Ref: HT515

4 Prong Cultivator Wooden Handle

Ref: HT516

Draw Hoe Fibre Glass Handle

Ref: HT527

Dutch Hoe Fibre Glass Handle

Ref: HT528

Lawn/Park Rake c/w Hdl ( VICTORIA)

Ref: HT58V

Metal Rake 70cm 18 Teeth C/W 72" Handle

Ref: HT59

Alloy Rake 18 teeth c/w Hdl

Ref: HT60

18th Alloy Rake Head Only No Hdl

Ref: HT62

Alloy Rake 12 teeth c/w Hdl

Ref: HT63A

Clog Free Rake c/w Wooden Handle

Ref: HT64

Spazzle Spreader

Ref: HT65

Tree Planter c/w 28" Ash 'T' Handle

Ref: HT88

Yellow Leaf Grabs

Ref: N453

Replacement T Tops


Small Bypass Pruner

Ref: PR15

Small Anvil Pruner (DG)

Ref: PR25

Large Bypass Pruner

Ref: PR45

Large Anvil Pruner (DG)

Ref: PR55

SHORT Tined Aluminium Rake c/w Handle

Ref: RAK01

Riddle, 14" x 3/8" Mesh, Round Black Metal

Ref: RID1

Riddle, 14" x 1/4" Mesh. Round Black Metal

Ref: RID2

DISCONTINUED Wooden Frame Riddle 5 x 5mm Mesh

Ref: RID6

DISCONTINUED Wooden Frame Riddle 8 x 8mm Mesh

Ref: RID8

Long Handled Bulb Planter

Ref: S8929

Edging Iron - NEW

Ref: S898P

Anvil Lopper 1.5 Telescopic Hdl

Ref: TAL10

Bypass Lopper, 1.5 Telescopic Hdl

Ref: TBL20

Hedge Shear. Telescopic Hdl

Ref: THS30

Paxton Hoe

Ref: TKA29

12 Tooth Garden Rake 54" Ash Handle

Ref: TKA34

22 Tine Wire Lawn Rake 54" Handle

Ref: TKA35

26 Tooth Plastic Leaf Rake 54" Handle

Ref: TKA36

5" Draw Hoe 54" Ash Handle

Ref: TKA37

5" Dutch Hoe 54" Ash Handle

Ref: TKA38

Lawn Edger T Handle

Ref: TKA39

Lawn Edger T Handle

Ref: TKA39

Hand Trowel Ash Handle

Ref: TKA40

Hand Fork Ash Handle

Ref: TKA41

Lawn Shear. Telescopic Hdl

Ref: TLS40

Anvil Lopper 2". Telescopic Hdl

Ref: TRAL75

Turfing Iron

Ref: TUR

Plastic Rake 48 Tth/Lge c/w Hdl

Ref: VR28

Rake Plastic 16St Tth cw Hdl

Ref: VR29

Leaf/Grass Rake & Handle c/w Bk Support

Ref: VR30

Polyprop Rake & Hdl (Hay Rake)

Ref: VR32

Light Weight Rake Yellow Head cw Hdl

Ref: VR45

Rake and Fork PA Black c/w Handle

Ref: VR50