Wholesalers of JFC Products

We keep a good range of JFC products in stock, our range includes Drinkers and Feeders.

We keep good stock of the JFC10 Micro Drinker, these are very strong and come complete with a plastic1/2" ball valve and float, we also keep the JFC12 conventional Drinking Bowl which comes ready-to-use with a HP 1/2" ball valve and is also supplied with 2 x mounting brackets, it also has a drain plug in the base for quick emptying.

If it was something a little bit larger that you are looking for then we also keep the JFC14 Drinking Trough. this trough has a capacity of 10gallons and comes complete with a brass ball valve mounted in the rear service box.

As well as drinkers we also keep a range of feeding troughs from JFC, we have 2 Feeding Troughs JFC28 (1000mm long) & JFC30 (2000mm long) that are low and suitable for feeding sheep, we also keep a plastic trough that is suitable for hanging on a gate. The JFC25 is suitable for feed or water.

Compact Micro Drinker (DBL4)

Ref: JFC10

Drinking Bowl with Drain Plug (DBL)

Ref: JFC12

Drinking Trough c/w Ball Valve (DT10)

Ref: JFC14

Gate Feed Trough (GFT1)

Ref: JFC25

Sheep Feed Trough 1000mm (FT3)

Ref: JFC28

Feed Trough 2000mm ( FT6 )

Ref: JFC30

20 ltr JFC Corner Feeder (EQ2)

Ref: JFC22

15 ltr JFC Wall Feeder ( EQ1)

Ref: JFC23