Wholesalers of JFC Products

We keep a good range of JFC products in stock, our range includes Drinkers, Feeders and Wheelbarrows.

We keep good stock of the JFC10 Micro Drinker, these are very strong and come complete with a plastic1/2" ball valve and float, we also keep the JFC12 conventional Drinking Bowl which comes ready-to-use with a HP 1/2" ball valve and is also supplied with 2 x mounting brackets, it also has a drain plug in the base for quick emptying.

If it was something a little bit larger that you are looking for then we also keep the JFC14 Drinking Trough. this trough has a capacity of 10gallons and comes complete with a brass ball valve mounted in the rear service box.

As well as drinkers we also keep a range of feeding troughs from JFC, we have 2 Feeding Troughs JFC28 (1000mm long) & JFC30 (2000mm long) that are low and suitable for feeding sheep, we also keep a plastic trough that is suitable for hanging on a gate. The JFC25 is suitable for feed or water.

JFC also produce a range of very good quality Wheelbarrows and we keep a selection in stock.

The WB195 Twin Wheel Wheelbarrow comes with a Poly Tray, Galvanised frame and has a 255ltr capacity. The WB196 Tipping Twin Wheel Wheelbarrow is hinged at the front of the tray so that it can be completely emptied easily, it has a 230ltr Poly Tray, Glavanised frame and 2 Pneumatic Wheels.

Compact Micro Drinker (DBL4)

Ref: JFC10

Drinking Bowl with Drain Plug (DBL)

Ref: JFC12

Drinking Trough c/w Ball Valve (DT10)

Ref: JFC14

Piglet/Duck Drinking Fountain (PF1)

Ref: JFC15

30 gall JFC Water Trough (DT30)

Ref: JFC16

20 gall JFC Water Trough (DT20)

Ref: JFC17

20 ltr JFC Corner Feeder (EQ2)

Ref: JFC22

15 ltr JFC Wall Feeder ( EQ1)

Ref: JFC23

Gate Feed Trough (GFT1)

Ref: JFC25

Sheep Feed Trough 1000mm (FT3)

Ref: JFC28

Feed Trough 2000mm ( FT6 )

Ref: JFC30