Wholesalers of Hooks and Bolts

We keep a small selection of Hook and Bolts in stock.

Our selection includes 50mm x 50mm Galvanised Hook on Plates, Staples on Plates and Ring on Plates. 

We can also provide HD Door Bolts in 2 different sizes as well as Auto Locking Pig bolts.

D Shackles are also available.

HD Door Bolts 15mm x 200mm Galvanised

Ref: BB20

Dee Shackles 5mm

Ref: DSG0

Dee Shackle 6mm

Ref: DSG1

Dee Shackles 8mm

Ref: DSG2

Dee Shackle 10mm

Ref: DSG5

Dee Shackle. 12mm

Ref: DSG9

Hook On Plate 50mm x 50mm Galvanised

Ref: 511

Staple on Plate 50mm x 50mm Galvanised

Ref: 512

Ring on Plate 50mm x 50mm Galvanised

Ref: 515

Ring on Welded Eye Bolt 200mm

Ref: 519

HD Door Bolt 250mm x 15mm Galvanised

Ref: BB21

Kick Over Stable Latch Galvanised (2 LATCHES)

Ref: DB509

Auto Locking Pig Bolt

Ref: PB7A

3.0mm x 25mm S Hooks

Ref: 313

4.0mm x 38mm S Hooks

Ref: 314

4.8mm x 50mm S Hooks

Ref: 315

6.0mm x 60mm S Hooks

Ref: 316

Carbine Hook 6mm x 60mm

Ref: BZ60

Carbine Hook 7mm x 70mm

Ref: BZ70

Carbine Hook 8mm x 80mm

Ref: BZ80

Carbine Hook 5mm x 50mm

Ref: BZ50

Carbine Hook 10mm x 100mm

Ref: BZ100

Carbine Hook 12mm x 120mm

Ref: BZ120

3mm Wire Rope Grips

Ref: 840

5mm Wire Rope Grips

Ref: 844

6mm Wire Rope Grips

Ref: 846

8mm Wire Rope Grips

Ref: 848

DUE MID JULY 10mm Wire Rope Grips

Ref: 850

Carbine Hook 4mm

Ref: BZ40

Dee Shackle 16mm

Ref: DSG10

Spring Loaded Animal Bolt

Ref: N0514