Wholesalers of Health and Safety Protection

Our Healthy and Safety Product Selection includes items from such brands as Oregon, Hilka and Moldex.

We keep a variety of different ear protection products in stock. We keep Ear Muffs (6200), Wavebands (6810) and Jazz Bands (SAF12) from Moldex. Our range also includes standard Ear Muffs (SAF14).

Our range also includes Brow Guards and Visors as well as Forestry Helmets, and Bump Hats.

We also keep in stock a selection of Standard, Impact and Chemical Protection Goggles.

Soft Gel Knee Pads

Ref: KP1

Hardcap Knee Pads

Ref: KP3

Ear Muffs

Ref: 6200

Ear Plug Waveband

Ref: 6810

Disposable Ear Plugs (pack of 10)

Ref: 7812

Safety Glasses (1606)

Ref: 1606

Ear Plug on Cord

Ref: SAF11

Moldex Jazz Bands

Ref: SAF12

Ear Muffs std display packed

Ref: SAF14

Forestry Helmet "Oregon Lite" Combination

Ref: SAF27

Contractors Bump Hat White (EVO 2)

Ref: SAF25

Visor ONLY For SAF27

Ref: SAF27V

Brow Guard & Visor "Oregon Lite"

Ref: SAF23

Brow Guard & Visor

Ref: SAF20

Goggles Impact & Chem

Ref: SAF15

Goggles std

Ref: SAF16

Safety Spectacles

Ref: SAF17

Eyewash 500ml SINGLE

Ref: SAF65

Replacement Visor For SAF23

Ref: SAF23V

Spare Visor only for SAF20

Ref: SAF21

Basic Disposable Suit Medium

Ref: SAF91

Basic Disposable Suit Large

Ref: SAF92

Basic Disposable Suit Ex Large

Ref: SAF93

Disposable Spray Suit Medium

Ref: SAF46

Disposable Spray Suit Large

Ref: SAF47

Disposable Spray Suit Ex Large

Ref: SAF48

Clear Protective Visor Unit (Thomas Dudley)

Ref: SAF22

Coverall LARGE

Ref: SAF96

Coverall X-LARGE

Ref: SAF97

NEW LINE Moldex Mask Glasses

Ref: SAF43