Wholesalers of Hammers and Mallets

Our Hammer and Mallet range consists of a vast range of different products, including Sledge Hammers, Claw Hammers, Club Hammers and More.

The Sledge Hammer range is very popular and we keep a variety of sizes in stock. We keep 4lb, 7lb,10lb & 14lb with a Wooden Handle or we keep 4lb, 7lb, 10lb, 14lb & 16lb with a Fibreglass Handle, we also keep 12lb Fibreglass Handle fencing Hammers in Stock.

We can offer 16oz & 20oz Claw Hammers with either a Wooden, Fibreglass or Steel Handle and we also keep 2 1/2 lb and 4lb Club Hammers. 

Also available are Wooden Handled Walling Hammers (3lb & 4lb) and also Hardwood Hand Mallets.

16oz Tubular Hammer Globemaster

Ref: 5000

16oz Fibreglass Claw Hammer (Globemaster)

Ref: 5300

4lb Double Face Sledge Hammer 16" F/Glass Handle

Ref: GG10

7lb Sledge Hammer

Ref: HM10

10lb Sledge Hammer

Ref: HM11

14lb Sledge Hammer

Ref: HM12

20 oz All Steel Hammer

Ref: HM146

16oz Claw Hammer

Ref: HM25

1lb Ball Pein Hammer

Ref: HM27

1 1/2lb Ball Pein Hammer

Ref: HM28

2lb Ball Pein Hammer

Ref: HM29

2 1/2lb Club Hammer

Ref: HM30

4lb Club Hammer

Ref: HM31

3lb Walling Hammer

Ref: HM37

4lb Sledge Hammer, 24" Hickory Handle

Ref: HM9

7lb Sledge Hammer 36" F/Glass Handle"

Ref: AX90

10lb Sledge Hammer 36" F/Glass Handle

Ref: AX91

14lb Sledge Hammer 36" F/Glass Handle

Ref: AX92

20oz Claw Hammer

Ref: HM26

2.5lb Club Hammer 10" F/Glass Handle

Ref: AX50

4lb Club Hammer c/w F/Glass Handle

Ref: AX51