Wholesalers of Halters, Haynets and Shears

We stock a good range of Sisal and Cotton Rope Halters with and without rings. We also keep Lead Ropes, Cotton Rope Bull Halters, Calving and Lambing Ropes and Cattle Ties.

We stock Haylage and Hay Nets and a selection of Sheep Shears

Sheep Shear, Double Bow, 13" Long

Ref: 2723

Sheep Shear Single Bow

Ref: 2733

Sheep Shear, Single Bow 11" Long

Ref: 2711

Hay Net c/w rings,2 horse

Ref: HA10R

Nylon C/Rope 8mmx1.5M one loop

Ref: HA12

Nylon C/Rope 8mm two loops

Ref: HA12A

Sisal Halters 10mm pk 12

Ref: HA1

14mm Cotton Lead Rope c/w clip

Ref: HA11

Sisal Halters 10mm c/w Rings

Ref: HA1A

Cotton Rope Halters 12mm pk 12

Ref: HA2

12mm Cotton Rope Halt.c/w Ring

Ref: HA2A

Cotton Rope Sheep/Calf Halter 8mm

Ref: HA3

Cotton tie c/w Toggle

Ref: HA34

Cotton Rope Sheep Halters 6mm

Ref: HA3A

Cotton Rope Bull Halter

Ref: HA4

Sisal Halters 12mm No Rings

Ref: HA5

14mm Sisal Halters

Ref: HA6

14mm Sisal Halters c/w Rings

Ref: HA6A

14mm Cotton Halters

Ref: HA8

14mm Cotton Halters c/w Rings

Ref: HA8A

EX LONG 14mm Cotton Halters c/w Rings

Ref: HA9A

Sisal Halters 12mm c/w Rings

Ref: HA5A

Nylon C/Rope10mmx1.8m one loop

Ref: HA13

Nylon C/Rope 10mm two loops

Ref: HA13A

Nylon L/Rope 4mmx1.5M One Loop

Ref: HA14

Nylon L/Rope 4mm two loops

Ref: HA14A

Hemp Tie c/w Toggle

Ref: HA32

Polyprop Tie c/w Toggle

Ref: HA35

EX LONG 14mm Sisal Halter

Ref: HA7

EX LONG 14mm Sisal Halters c/w Rings

Ref: HA7A

EX LONG 14mm Cotton Halters

Ref: HA9

Sisal Tie c/w Toggle

Ref: HA33

Supersharp Footrot Shears

Ref: AFS10

Serrated Footrot Shears

Ref: AFS12

Plain Footrot Shears

Ref: AFS13

Hoof Clippers (CK)

Ref: T5720

Hoof Clippers Serrated (CK)

Ref: T5721