Wholesalers of Gardening Gloves

Our Gardening Glove range includes gloves from Towa and from Willowdale.

Towa produce the 'WithGarden' range of gloves. The Withgarden Landscape is a good glove for people during durable garden and outdoor work. It is available in Small, Medium or Large and a choice of colours: Burgundy, Navy Blue and Forest Green. The Withgarden range also includes the 'Thermal' cold weather gloves which are Lemon Yellow in colour and also come in Small, Medium or Large.

We also supply a variety of Leather and Suede gardening gloves from Willowdale. The range includes Ladies (GLO05) and Mens (GLO06) Leather Pruning Gauntlets, Ladies (GLO08) and Mens (GLO09) Thornproof Suede Pruning Gloves and Ladies (GLO10) and Mens (GLO11) Premium Leather Work Gloves made from Tough Hide Leather.

Other Willowdale gloves that we stock include the Ladies and Mens (GLO13/14) General Purpose Palm Gloves and the Standard Leather Work Gloves (GLO25/GLO26) which have a brushed cotton lining and are made from Tough Suede Leather.

Towa Thermo Glove Yellow Large

Ref: PC1457

Mens Suede Leather Gloves Beige No29W

Ref: GL009

Ladies Suede Leather Gloves No20W

Ref: GL008

Mens Leather Fleece Gloves No31W

Ref: GL011

Ladies Leather Fleece Gloves No30W

Ref: GL010

Mens Rose Growers Gloves Beige No16W

Ref: GL006

Ladies Suede Leather Palm Gloves No10W

Ref: GL013

Ladies Suede Leather Rigger Gloves No26W

Ref: GL026

Towa Thermo Glove Yellow Small

Ref: PC1455

Towa Thermo Glove Yellow Medium

Ref: PC1456

Towa L/scape Garden Glove Navy Small

Ref: PC1422

Towa L/scape Garden Glove Large Navy

Ref: PC1424

Towa L/scape Garden Glove Green Medium

Ref: PC1427

Mens Suede Leather Rigger Gloves No27W

Ref: GL025

Mens Suede Leather Palm Gloves No2W

Ref: GL014

Towa L/scape Garden Glove Green Small

Ref: PC1426

Towa L/scape Garden Glove Green Large

Ref: PC1428

Towa L/scape Garden Glove Navy Medium

Ref: PC1423

Towa L/scape Garden Glove Red Large

Ref: PC1420

Ladies Rose Growers Gloves Beige No20W

Ref: GL005

Towa L/Scape Garden Glove Red Small

Ref: PC1418

Towa L/scape Garden Glove Red Medium

Ref: PC1419

Pittards Leather & Canvas Gauntlet Gloves Small

Ref: PR146

Pittards Leather & Canvas Gauntlet Glove Medium

Ref: PR147