Wholesalers of Flexothane Clothing

We keep in stock a huge range of Flexothane Clothing from Sioen.

Our range includes the Auckland Leggings, Gascogne Rain Coats and Malin Waist Coats in the Classic range. We also keep the Flexothane Essential range which include the very popular Bangkok Trousers and the Jakarta Jackets. These are available in every size from Small up to XXX Large.

The Flexothane range also contains Dortmund Jackets, Rotterdam Trousers and the Louisiana Bib and Braces.

We also keep in stock Sioen's Blue Bernex Bodywarmer, the Durango Fleece jacket and the Montana Fleece, all if which are available in size Small - XXX Xlarge.

Sioen FLEXOTHANE Leggings Khaki LARGE

Ref: PC150

Sioen Flexothane MEDIUM Bib & Brace Trousers

Ref: PC141

Sioen Flexothane SMALL Bib & Brace Trousers

Ref: PC140

Sioen LARGE Bib & Brace Trousers

Ref: PC142

Sioen Flexothane X-LARGE Dortmund Jacket

Ref: PC123

Sioen Flexothane LARGE Dortmund Jacket

Ref: PC122

Sioen Flexothane XX-LARGE Dortmund Jacket

Ref: PC124

Sioen Flexothane XXX-LARGE Dortmund Jacket

Ref: PC125

Sioen Flexothane SMALL Rotterdam Trousers

Ref: PC130

Sioen Flexothane MEDIUM Rotterdam Trousers

Ref: PC131

Sioen Flexothane LARGE Rotterdam Trousers

Ref: PC132

Sioen Flexothane X-LARGE Rotterdam Trousers

Ref: PC133

Sioen Flexothane XX-LARGE Rotterdam Trousers

Ref: PC134

Sioen Flexothane XXX-LARGE Rotterdam Trousers

Ref: PC135

Sioen Flexothane SMALL Dortmund Jacket

Ref: PC120

Sioen Flexothane MEDIUM Dortmund Jacket

Ref: PC121

Gascogne GREEN Rain Coat XX-LARGE

Ref: PC114

Sioen X-LARGE Bib & Brace Trousers

Ref: PC143

Sioen XX-LARGE Bib & Brace Trousers

Ref: PC144

Sioen XXX-LARGE Bib & Brace Trousers

Ref: PC145

Gascogne GREEN Rain Coat MEDIUM

Ref: PC111

Sioen Jakarta Jacket Small

Ref: PC414

Sioen Jakarta Jacket Medium

Ref: PC415

Sioen Jakarta Jacket Large

Ref: PC416

UNAVAILABLE AT PRESENT Sioen Jakarta Jacket X- Large

Ref: PC417

Sioen Jakarta Jacket XX-Large

Ref: PC418

Sioen Jakarta Jacket XXX-Large

Ref: PC419

Sioen Bangkok Trousers Small

Ref: PC636

Sioen Bangkok Trousers Medium

Ref: PC637

Sioen Bangkok Trousers Large

Ref: PC638

Sioen Bangkok Trousers Ex Large

Ref: PC639

Sioen Bangkok Trousers XX-LARGE

Ref: PC640

Sioen Bangkok Trousers XXX-LARGE

Ref: PC641

Gascogne GREEN Rain Coat SMALL

Ref: PC110

Flexothane Anti Spray Rain Jacket Green XL

Ref: PC235

Sioen Jakarta Jacket Medium YELLOW

Ref: PC415YL

Sioen Jakarta Jacket X- Large YELLOW

Ref: PC417YL

Sioen Jakarta Jacket XX-Large YELLOW

Ref: PC418YL

Sioen Bangkok Trousers Ex Large YELLOW

Ref: PC639YL

Sioen Bangkok Trousers XX-LARGE YELLOW

Ref: PC640YL

Flexothane Classic Coverall Green Small

Ref: PC202

Flexothane Classic Coverall Green Medium

Ref: PC203

Flexothane Classic Coverall Green Large

Ref: PC204

Flexothane Classic Coverall Green XL

Ref: PC205

Flexothane Classic Coverall Green XXL

Ref: PC206

Flexothane Classic Coverall Green XXXL

Ref: PC207