Wholesalers of First Aid Kits and Products

Our First Aid range includes a variety of different First Aid Kits in different sizes, we stock 1 person, 10 person, 20 person and 50 person first aid kits. We also keep in stock First Aid Kit refills for the 10 person kit.

We also keep a variety of different Plaster, Bandage and Dressing Kits. The SAF60 is a package that contains 126 Elasticated Fabric Dressings, the SAF61 contains 50 Airstrip Dressing Plasters and the SAF62 is a pack of 50 Detectable Blue Plasters for use in the Food Preparation environment.

We keep 2 different Forestry First Aid Kits, we keep the SAF68 High Spec Forestry Kit complete with Eye Wash as well as the SAF67 One Person Forestry Kit.

Eye Wash is also available in a Sterile pack of 2 x 150ml bottles. (SAF63)

100 Airstrip Dressings

Ref: SAF61

High Spec Foresty Kit (30846)

Ref: SAF68

Fabric Elast.Dressings BOX 120

Ref: SAF60

First Aid Kit 20 Persons & Bracket No Eyewash

Ref: SAF57A

Refill contents 10 person 1120

Ref: SAF55

F/Aid Kit c/w Eye Wash 1113

Ref: SAF56

First Aid Kit one person

Ref: SAF50

First Aid Kit 10 person 1121

Ref: SAF54

Blue Detect. Waterproof Dressing pk 100

Ref: SAF62

Eyewash, Emergency Sterile Pack 250ml. EACH

Ref: SAF63

First Aid Kit 50 Persons c/w Wall Bracket No Eye Wash

Ref: SAF59