Wholesalers of Files

Our range of Files includes a variety of Chainsaw Files and Other Sharpening equipment from Oregon. We stock Files 7/32, 3/16 and 5/32 we also keep Holders for each of these sizes. Wooden Handles are also available.

We also keep full Chainsaw Sharpening Kits in stock in each of the 3 sizes.

Our Hand File selection also includes Half Round Bastard and Second Cut Files in 10" & 12", 10" & 12" Mill Saw Files and 10" Round Bastard Files.

We also stock the Oregon Professional Model Filing Guide.

Filing Guide Profess.Model

Ref: CS12

5/32 Chainsaw Files

Ref: CS1

Chainsaw File Holder c/w 5/32

Ref: CS10

3/16 Chainsaw Files

Ref: CS2

7/32 Chainsaw Files

Ref: CS3

6" Chainsaw Flat file

Ref: CS6

Chainsaw File Holder c/w 7/32

Ref: CS8

Chainsaw file Holder c/w 3/16

Ref: CS9

Chainsaw Sharpening Kits 5/32"

Ref: CS15

Chainsaw Sharpening Kits 3/16"

Ref: CS16

Chainsaw Sharpening Kits 7/32"

Ref: CS17

Chainsaw File Handle

Ref: CS18

12" Flat File Eng Second cut

Ref: F10

DISCONTINUED 10"Flat File Eng Second cut

Ref: F8

8" Half Round Wood Rasp Rubber Hdl

Ref: F15