Wholesalers of Cable Reels, Extension Sockets and RCDs

The Cable Reels, Extension Sockets and RCD's range that we stock consists of a good selection of Poly & Steel Drum Cable Reels, Extension Plugs and Surge Protection Adaptors.

We also keep a range of Outdoor Halogen and Led Security Lights as well as Solar Powered Wall Lights. 

We also keep Fluorescent Inspection Lights.

DIY Cable Reel 10M Triple Socket

Ref: 3563

25M 240V Cable Reel STEEL DRUM

Ref: 8053

50M 240V Cable Reel STEEL DRUM

Ref: 8063

25 Mtr HD Poly Cable Reel NEW

Ref: BN805

4 Way Extension Socket c/w 2mtr Cable WHITE

Ref: BRN403W

RCD 30MA Adapter 240/13A

Ref: BRN520

Solar LED Lamp (SOL 800)

Ref: BRN710

Black Socket with Surge Suppression

Ref: BRN713

BLACK Solar LED Wall Lamp (SOL 04)

Ref: BRN720

50mtr HD Poly Reel NEW

Ref: BN806

Halogen Light 150W 240V

Ref: BRN0140